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University of Maryland bikeUMD Moves up to Silver       

UMD DOTS and the bikeUMD program have taken biking to the next level, earning a silver level ranking in the League of American Bicyclists, Bicycle Friendly University competition.

October 24, 2012. Biking has really grown on campus in the last four years and DOTS/bikeUMD is earning the recognition to prove it. The League of American bicyclists announced their award winners today. One of only 19 schools to earn silver level or higher campus continues to up the ante by making bicycling part of the campus Facilities Master Plan. Currently DOTS is working to implement the plans developed in the master plan such as bike share and street markings.

DOTS also offers creative programming such as the Bikes Be Bright Lights giveaway planned for the first week of November and monthly bike rides to showcase local trails and destinations. They have given away bicycle lights and u-locks to encourage safety and even offer Learn to Bike classes. DOTS hopes that the shared lane markings will also encourage safe cycling behavior. The arrows will help show cyclists where to ride in the road and which direction to travel in. Hiring a bicycle coordinator two years ago is what really catapulted the program to the next level. It added a level of cycling expertise that the program needed.

“We collect quite a bit of data too,” says Beverly Malone, assistant director at DOTS and manager of the bikeUMD program. “We just completed a bike count and a student group is helping us with a rack utilization study. We are hoping to add a great deal of bicycle parking in high demand areas by the end of this year.”

When Malone arrived on campus, she was asked to make campus the “UC Davis of the East.” Davis is one of only two schools that earned gold. bikeUMD hopes to get there by Fall of 2013.

About DOTS:
The Department of Transportation Services will honor the mission and values of the University of Maryland by providing safe, cost effective, and innovative services which anticipate the needs of our campus community and constituents as they relate to accessing institutionally supported facilities and destinations.

Beverly Malone, Director of Communications
Department of Transportation Services


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