Sustainability at the University of Maryland

Student Sustainability Advisors

Peer Education Program

Since 2008, the Office of Sustainability has worked with exceptional upperclassmen students to develop and teach an interactive lesson about sustainability and climate change and how each affect students, their studies, and future career prospects.

These students, who are known as the Sustainability Advisors, presented the lesson to nearly 8400 first-year students over the past seven years in UNIV100, HONR100, Scholars Colloqium, and other first-year seminar classes. Approximately half of all freshmen participate in the lesson each year.

The Sustainability Advisors and their lesson have received incredible reviews from first-year students and their instructors. The goal for this sustainability lesson is to make it a core component of first-year education so that all students of the University of Maryland have a basic understanding of the fundamental issues of sustainability and opportunities to get involved with sustainability initiatives on campus.

If you are an upperclassmen, well-versed in sustainability, and interested in becoming a Sustainability Advisor or if you teach UNIV100, HONR100, GEMS100, or another first-year class and would like to schedule a presentation, send an email to