Food – from how it’s grown to how it’s disposed – has a major impact on the environment. Whether you live on or off campus, there are lots of ways to eat green at the University of Maryland. Dining Services at UMD has made eating sustainably easy for you!
They have several programs in place to assist students and staff with eating sustainably. 
Anytime Dining: Introducing the all new and improved Dining Hall experience here at Maryland, you can eat all day, as many times as you’d like, and most of all sustainably! We have completely eliminated all waste from the dining halls and are composting all food left over from our plates. A total of 6.3 million pieces of waste has been eliminated through the use of reusable and washable products.
Farmers Market at Maryland runs from March to November, and offers food grown and produced within 250 miles of the university. Terp Farm, located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is growing and producing food for the Dining Facilities on campus. From farm to fork, local and fresh! Many people do not realize that just by cutting the amount of miles between where your food comes from and where you purchase it can make a large sustainable impact. 
Green Tidings Food Truck: Provides local and sustainable cuisine in different locations all over campus. Food is purchased from local farmers and venders that are certified human. They also promote composting by providing customers with recyclable and compostable food packages.
Dining Services has embraced sustainability, with a Sustainable Food Action Plan and Sustainable Food Commitment. The commitment pledged Dining Services to purchase 20% sustainable food by 2020; the goal was achieved in 2014.
Finally, Maryland’s compost program closes the loop and ensures that food stays sustainable from farm to fork. Food and organic waste is composted to become a natural fertilizer and soil amendment. In fact, Maryland sends its compost to the Prince George's County compost facility - the same place where Terp Farm gets its compost to grow vegetables that end up on plates in dining facilities.
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