Prince Frederick Hall

Prince Frederick Hall
Prince Frederick Hall is a 185,500 GSF residence hall. The project houses 215 residential units with 464 beds, with a mix of 4-bed suites with private bathrooms, and traditional 2-bed rooms with community bathrooms. The ground floor reception area, offices, work/resource room, restrooms, and seminar rooms on the lower level support two academic living-learning programs. Additional office space, work room, and conference room space support Residential Facilities community staff. The building includes a satellite central utilities building including infrastructure for chilled water, heating water and domestic hot water.
Green features include:
High efficiency fixtures reduce water use 43% compared to a baseline building.
Energy efficiency measures of the building envelope include increased insulation and glazing with U-values, solar heat gain coefficients, and visual light transmittance values that are better than required by code. Shading devices further reduce solar heat gain.
The project maximizes open space, providing 44,706 SF of open area, more than twice the building footprint. In addition to providing for stormwater management, the open space is regularly used for impromptu recreation, including soccer, Frisbee, and lacrosse games. The entry plaza seating also contributes to students’ connection and enjoyment of the open space area.
The interior spaces are designed for occupant comfort and satisfaction. There is a direct line of sight to quality views from 92% of all regularly occupied spaces. Individual room controls allow occupants to adjust temperature and fan speed within a set range.

Prince Frederick Hall LEED scorecard