Faculty, staff, and student commuting accounts for about 10-15 percent of the university’s total greenhouse gas emissions. As the university works to achieve carbon neutrality, commuters will face a variety of options to help reduce emissions. People can use public transportation and other green commuting strategies to greatly reduce their carbon impact.

Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) offers a range of green commuting initiatives. 

DOTS’ Green Highlights

  • Shuttle-UM
    • Riding the Shuttle-UM buses is an easy way to drive less and reduce your commuter carbon footprint. With bus routes all around the campus and the College Park area, there are lots of options to find a route that works for you.
  • BikeUMD
    • BikeUMD is DOTS’ comprehensive biking program. From bike racks to a campus bicycle repair shop to safety training and more, they have lots of resources to help you begin a bicycle commute or increase your bike activity on campus. 
  • Carpool and Green Parking Permits

These are just a handful of sustainable transportation programs on campus. To learn more, visit the DOTS website.

Public Transportation

Mass transit to and from campus represents one of the greatest opportunities for individuals to reduce fossil fuel consumption and traffic congestion. Two tools to help plan your commute or trip on public transportation are the WMATA (Metro) Trip Planner and the Campus Transportation layer of the UMD Campus Web Map. 

UMD Shuttle Bus
UMD shuttle bus