This page is under development. Resources will be categorized as more resources become available. If you would like to recommend readings, websites, movies, presentations, or any other media that will help faculty and/or students learn more about sustainability, please send them to Mark Stewart at

Presentations and Materials from the May 2015 Workshop

Content Specific Readings and Other Resources

Links to Other Sustainability Resource Libraries

  • Creative Change Educational Solutions - the Curriculum and Resource Center (CRC) is an on-line curriculum library that provides educators (K-12, college, and adult) access to the curriculum portfolio on a low-cost subscription basis. The materials in the CRC address a full range of sustainability topics, including food systems, land use/sustainable communities, brownfields redevelopment, green design, renewable energy, environmental justice, and ecological economics.
  • Piedmont Project Revised Syllabi - revised syllabi from the faculty at Emory University
  • Curriculum for the Bioregion Resources - various resources (you may skip the "bioregional resources" since they are specific to Washington State)