Become a Green Chapter

Become a UMD Green Chapter

Chapters are accepted into the Green Chapter program on a first come first serve basis at the beginning of each academic year. For more information or if your chapter is interested in participating in the program, please email

In order for participating chapters to become Green Chapter certified, fraternities and sororities must complete three steps:

1.      Appoint/elect a Sustainability Chair

Your Sustainability Chair will serve as a key point of contact between your chapter and the Green Chapter program. The Sustainability Chair will be responsible for coordinating events within your community, keeping track of your progress through the Green Chapter steps, and completing your final Org-Sync application form. The Sustainability Chair will meet with Green Chapter staff to assist your in achieving Green Chapter status. 

‚Äč2.      Have 30% of chapter members become Green Terp certified

Green Terp supports and promotes individual students who take steps to reduce their environmental footprint. Students will receive a checklist of actions and must adopt 10 habits to become Green Terp certified.  Encourage your brothers and sisters to take individual action to reduce their carbon footprint by signing up for the Green Terp program.

3.      Complete three (3) chapter-wide actions

These Chapter-wide actions are not only sustainable actions, but also support the six pillars of Greek Life and encourage campus and community development. This checklist is not an exhaustive list of the possible actions your Chapter could take so feel free to create your own sustainable actions if you feel inspired! Please choose three actions from the following list:

Include information about sustainability in our new member education process


  • Write a one-page information sheet on your Chapter’s sustainability policies and goals.
  • Ensure your Sustainability Chair provides an orientation to new members.
  • Plan a sustainability event during recruitment so that new members know about your priorities.

Create an inventory/maintain storage of reusable materials for events like Recruitment, Homecoming, Spring Fest or Ritual


  • Instead of giving a prize to everyone, consider a raffle for a more substantial prize.
  • Can you rent equipment instead of purchasing it?  You can rent just about anything from a chocolate fountain to a tripod. Use your personal network, the web and your local business directory to do some research about what’s close to you.
  • Cloth tablecloths.  These can be washed and used next year.
  • Purchase a storage box/bin to holds your reusable items until the next event.    
  • Purchase one reusable item each year to minimize the impact on your budget.
  • Avoid helium-filled balloons that can escape and travel long distances. Helium is a non-renewable resource and is in short supply.
  • Keep all your Halloween costume elements for other times when you’ll need to dress up and be in character.

“Power down” the entire house before breaks (winter break, spring break, Thanksgiving break)


  • Unplug all cords and chargers from wall outlets.
  • Empty mini-fridges and unplug them.
  • Ensure windows are tightly closed and blinds/curtains are drawn.

Host a sustainability-oriented campus or community service project


  • Volunteer for environmental stewardship projects like tree planting, trail maintenance, storm drain tagging, trash mapping, stream clean-ups, etc.
  • Volunteer inside schools or educational centers to support environmental education or social justice causes.
  • Host a canned food drive for Campus Pantry.
  • Volunteer at Terp Farm, The Farmers Market at Maryland, or UMD Arboretum & Botanical Garden.
  • Participate in Greek Life’s Trash to Treasure Move-out.

Make a cash or in-kind donation to a sustainability-oriented charity


  • Green Maryland Gift Fund to support sustainability efforts at University of Maryland
  • Food Recovery Network takes donations in the form of leftover foods.
  • Used furniture, appliances and building/landscaping materials can be dropped off at Community Forklift.
  • Greek Life Serves (GLS) is a student group connecting Greek members with homeless and at-risk communities in the Washington D.C. area to foster strong relationships and provide assistance.
  • A Wider Circle will take clothes, household items, bedding and towels.
  • Donate used sporting equipment to Leveling the Playing Field.
  • Other charities may include the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Rock Creek Conservancy, Goodwill Industries, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Anacostia Watershed Society, etc.

Hold a sustainability program or workshop to promote membership development


  • Earth Day event or celebration
  • Take a tour of Terp Farm
  • Coordinate a BikeUMD group ride
  • Attend a pollinator garden workshop
  • Complete a house waste audit
  • Plan a car-free day/alternative transportation day

Include one sustainability article in your annual chapter report


  • Waste, water, energy, transportation, food and dining, and cleaning products make good starting points to talk about sustainability issues.
  • What area of sustainability can your Chapter improve in and how?
  • Highlight something your Chapter has done to contribute to campus or community sustainability efforts.
  • Write a story about your experience in the Green Chapter program and what impact it had on you and your Chapter.

Highlight one of your members as “Green Greek of the Month”


  • Do you notice a Chapter member who loves sustainability? Someone who encourages others to recycle, turns out the lights, unplug chargers, or walk to class?
  • Display their photo with space to write why they are a green Greek.
  • Create an incentive by offering a gift card to each month’s nominee.
  • Decorate that person’s bedroom door for recognition.

Eliminate disposable cups, plates, and utensils for meals and events hosted inside your house


  • Work with your caterer to ensure the house is well stocked with washable materials.
  • Try melamine or other reusable plastic dishes and utensils if you are concerned about breakage.
  • Plan an outing to a nearby pottery painting store and design your own ceramic plates.
  • As a last resort, request compostable plates, flatware and cups from your caterer and collect them in a compost bin after the meal.

Establish a Sustainability Committee within your chapter


  • Establish a mission and outcomes/actions for the committee and create an annual mandate.
  • Appoint leadership positions within the committee.
  • Sustainability Committee Chair can attend Greek Student Sustainability Group meetings and offer to host one meeting in their house.
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