Become a Green Terp

Participating in the program and working your way to becoming a Green Terp means commiting to reducing your environmental footprint, learning about simple steps you can take to do so, and embeding those habits into your life. Once you have taken sustainability actions (while getting some cool prizes along the way!) you can certify as an official Green Terp.

In order to participate in the Green Terp program, find us at events such as FreeFest and Community Welcomes or come to Green Terp events in the diners and residence halls. See the list of individual Green Terp events below.

Spring 2019 Green Terp Events

The steps of the program are:

1. Sign-up & Pledge.

•Sign-up at Green Terp events on campus, in your community or in your hall.

•Take the pledge to reduce your impact.

•Get your checklist of sustainable actions and get started!

2. Take action. 

• Complete 10 actions from the checklist to get complete the program. Choose at least one action from each category.  

• Participate in fun DIY sustainability activities at Green Terp events.

• Share your progress on social media.

3. Get certified.  After completing 10 actions, you can certify as a Green Terp. When you do, you win awesome prizes!

I'm a Green Terp checklist


If you would like to get even more involved in the program and gain additional perks, you can become a Green Terp Ambassador! For more information, email us at