Position Application

SustainableUMD Ambassador Position:

Join the LEAF (Lead, Engage, Act, Facilitate) Team, a dedicated group of 15-18 student that work to communicate and promote environmental sustainability across campus, in partnership  with the Office of Sustainability and the campus-wide SustainableUMD Network.

SustainableUMD Ambassadors gain skills and experience in raising awareness and mobilizing action to protect our environment. Ambassadors will educate and empower fellow students with information, tools, programs and motivation to make environmentally responsible choices. 

The program aims to build Ambassadors’ sustainability knowledge and leadership skills, and enable them to successfully communicate sustainability to their peers and drive participation in sustainability programs and resources. SustainableUMD Ambassadors will also support UMD’s Green Terp program, which engages students to commit to a sustainability action checklist, provides resources on campus sustainability programs, and encourages students to make 

Promote campus sustainability resources & programs, including: 

- Green Dining (ie. Terp Farm, Farmer’s Market, Cool Food)

- Sustainable Transportation (ie. bicycling, carpooling, transit)

- Recycling & Waste (ie. reduce, reuse, composting)

- Green Terp Program promotion, registration and certification

- Energy and water conservation, and green infrastructure 


Essential Responsibilities:

- Work with student interns and staff from the Office of Sustainability.

- Promote environmental awareness at campus events such as First Look Fair, Earth Day, Stamp Fest, Maryland Day, and The Farmers Market at Maryland.

- Serve as a leader in promoting sustainability values and action.

- Lead interactive hands-on sustainability activities and service projects.

- Contribute to the development of creative outreach materials (tours, demonstrations, tabling, activities, lessons, presentations, and more).


- Able to regularly attend weekly team meetings. 

- Have interest, awareness and commitment to sustainability, as well as exploring how to create personal and systemic behavior change.

- Flexible, outgoing and cooperative.

- Reliable, proactive, independent, and creative.

- Able to communicate respectfully, professionally, and regularly with other Ambassadors, sustainability staff, and other interested entities.



- Must be currently enrolled as a UMD student.

- Strong interest in sustainability.

- Knowledge or interest in community outreach.

- Strong leadership and communication skills.

- Comfortable with public speaking.

- Ability to work collaboratively and independently.

- Must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

- Hours: Average around 3-5 hours per week - times will vary. To total 40 hours per semester. 



- Develop leadership skills through interpersonal interactions and leadership workshops.

- Develop communication and public speaking skills.

- Increased knowledge of environmental and social topics.

- Collaborate with a dynamic team of passionate students.

- Build lasting connections within the UMD sustainability network.

- Contribute to shaping and improving UMD’s culture of sustainability.

- Ambassadors can earn 1 credit hour of academic credit. 



Word limit: 500
Word limit: 500