2018-2019 Recipients

Banners to Bags

The project involves repurposing retired campus light pole banners to create promotional grocery tote bags. The bags can be used for any type of University outreach purposes and promote a culture of bringing your own reusable bag in order to decrease plastic bag consumption.

Bicycle Recycle Program

This project will refurbish and redistribute abandoned bikes on campus to UMD students to foster a culture of donation and to reduce the environmental waste associated with abandoned property. Refurbished bikes would be sold at the Transportation Fair.

Gemstone Team NO SALT

Current methods of desalination used in commercial seawater desalination plants are energy intensive and therefore, expensive. Gemstone Team NOSALT is a team of eight undergraduate students researching biological alternatives to traditional desalination in order to decrease energy requirements and thereby reduce cost.


Hydraze (formerly FlushX) is a sustainability driven social venture that aims to save buildings, universities, and cities millions of gallons of water every year by eliminating unnecessary “phantom flushes” from automatic toilet sensors, thus reducing water waste and improving facility maintenance

Lewisdale Elementary School Flooding Prevention and Courtyard Restoration

Maryland Sustainability Engineering (MDSE) Local Project Team is proposing to solve two problems at Lewisdale Elementary School in Prince George’s County: (1) address flooding in the Lewisdale facility by implementing a storm-water management device and (2) restore an existing courtyard at Lewisdale into an outdoor classroom space that can be used to educate Lewisdale students about sustainability and environmental science.


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