2020-2021 Recipients

Virtual Global Sustainability Internships

The School of Public Health recently launched an internship program that offers project-based opportunities with international organizations and researchers on cutting-edge projects at no cost to students. This grant will scale up the program and create a focus on sustainability projects, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guide, and create a Gen Ed course that offers academic credit to students who work in virtual global internships. 

Gemstone Team PISO

This Gemstone research team seeks to develop an efficient and clean method of collecting energy from foot traffic. Research focuses on the development of a piezoelectric generator capable of harvesting power out of the force applied by the footsteps of passers-by. The project aims to refine current technology into a viable source of clean energy and create a working prototype.

Engineering for One Planet

This grant will help the School of Engineering develop a parts “library”/“store” for engineering students to collect used parts from the student projects at the end of the semester and make these parts available to future students. The aim of this parts library is to minimize waste generated from student projects and help undergraduate engineering students think about reusing materials in their systems as an integral part of their design process.

Mobile Sustainability Outreach Center

 This grant will allow several campus groups collaborate to: 1) outfit a low-speed electric vehicle with green features and educational displays for SustainableUMD outreach activities, 2) work with the MESA lab to install a solar powered sound system and low-voltage chargers for handheld devices, and 3) work with students to design and build educational features for the mobile outreach center. 

Campus Creek Restoration Phase 2

Continuing off the success of the Phase 1 project, this second phase will complete a fully restored Campus Creek from University Blvd. through the campus to the stream's confluence with the Paint Branch river. Completing the remaining 2,329 ft of restoration will provide an estimated 46.6 acres of impervious area treatment and reduction in 174.7 lb. of N, 158.4 lb. of Phosphorous, and 35,237 lb. of sediment.

Office of Sustainability COVID-19 Support

The Office of Sustainability received this grant to maintain staffing and programming through the period of budget reductions that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant will allow OS to retain a Sustainability Associate position and four paid internship positions, which are critical for managing base workload, supporting student projects and programs, and making progress toward achieving UMD’s Sustainability Goals.

reACT Living Laboratory

The UMD Solar Decathlon team will bring the award-winning reACT house back to life as a living lab for sustainability, to be installed next to the Architecture building. This grant will support the cost of materials and student/faculty labor. 

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