SustainableUMD Ambassador Position

Internship Type:

Office of Sustainability Opportunities

Description: Join the LEAF (Lead, Engage, Act, Facilitate) Team, a dedicated team of 15-18 student leaders that work to communicate and promote environmental sustainability across campus, in partnership  with the Office of Sustainability and the campus-wide SustainableUMD Network. SustainableUMD Ambassadors gain skills and experience in raising awareness and mobilizing action to protect our environment. Ambassadors will educate and empower fellow students with information, tools, programs and motivation to make environmentally responsible choices. 

Prerequisites:  Ambassadors must be a current University of Maryland graduate or undergraduate student with at least sophomore standing.  A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA is recommended. Interns are expected to have a strong interest in sustainability, a professional work ethic, and a desire to make the campus more sustainable.  In addition, Ambassadors must be disciplined and self-motivated as they may work independently and set their own goals. Students in all majors are encouraged to apply. 

To Apply: Complete the online application form by Friday, September 20