Terp Farm Student Staff Position

Internship Type:

On-Campus Opportunities

The University of Maryland Department of Dining Services is excited to announce available student staff
positions to support the Terp Farm for the 2019 growing season!

Terp Farm is a four-season sustainable vegetable and cut flower farm located 15 miles from campus at the
University’s Central Maryland Research and Education Center, Upper Marlboro Facility. Established in 2014 as
a collaboration between the Department of Dining Services and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources,
the farm provides fresh produce to the campus dining halls and food-insecure members of the campus community
through donations to the Campus pantry. Additionally, the farm has served as a “living laboratory” for students of
the University to engage in practical farming applications and learn skills and concepts that are imperative to
running a successful farming operation.

The Terp Farm team is seeking student staff members for employment on the farm for the 2019 season. The
position runs from the beginning of the spring semester through the end of the fall semester. Wages start at
$10.25/hr. Housing on the Upper Marlboro Facility may be available, pending AGNR review. The Terp Farm
Manager will support the Terp Farm Student Staff by incorporating education and mentorship throughout the
workday, as well as opportunities for field trips and workshops, based upon Student Staff interest.

The Terp Farm Student Staff will support the Terp Farm Manager in the following aspects of farm
operations including:

● Production

o Field operations for vegetable and cut flower production, including cultivation and tillage, bed
preparation, planting, fertilizing, pest and disease control, irrigation, mulching, trellising, and
o High tunnel operations including hand-scale bed preparation, planting, trellising, pest and disease
control, irrigation, weeding, and maintenance of structures.
o Greenhouse operations including soil mix preparations, seeding, thinning, environmental
monitoring, pest and disease control, and sanitation.
o Post-harvest operations including washing and packing, sanitation, pest monitoring,
record-keeping, and worker hygiene.

● Infrastructure

o Light construction and site development projects such as building greenhouse benches and
spreading mulch and gravel.
o Basic maintenance of tools and equipment including cleaning and sharpening, checking fluid
levels, and following proper storage procedures.

● Recordkeeping

o Daily note-taking and assistance in maintaining farm log books for food safety and production

Promotion and Marketing

o Public relations such as working the Farmer’s Market, special events, and assistance with
outreach and brand representation using social media platforms.

Work Schedule: Spring/Fall Semester – 10hrs/wk ~ Summer Recess – 40hrs/wk
● During the spring and fall semesters, crew members must be able to consistently work a 4 hour shift on
one weekday (M-F) each week, and 6 hours on Saturdays with the whole farm crew.
● Summer work schedules will be regular full-time, with rotating weekend shifts for irrigation and
greenhouse watering.
● Time off will be allowed with adequate notice for scheduling purposes.

Physical Demands/Work Environment:

● Occasional work must be performed outside of normal work hours due to weather and other factors
● Hazardous materials - petroleum based fluids, exhaust, pesticides, and sanitation chemicals.
● Wear and work in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
● Working environment may have allergens—dust, mold, grasses, etc.
● Extreme weather conditions - Heat, wind, and rain
● Heavy lifting - 50 lb Max

Eligibility: Successful candidates should consider themselves to be hard-working, self-motivated, detail oriented,
and able to demonstrate good communication skills under pressure. It is very important to be able to take direction
and have a strong work ethic in order to work on a farm.

While previous farming experience or working outside is generally preferred, it is not required. However, it is
essential that candidates are committed to vegetable farming and all that it requires, including being able to lift 50
lbs regularly, and work outside in all weather conditions from rain to mid-summer heat. Preference will be given
to those candidates that have at least 3 months of previous farming experience, including previously working at
Terp Farm. Having a well-developed interest in the realm of sustainable agriculture and food systems studies is
also a plus. This position may count toward internship credit.

A valid driver’s license is required as well, and a means for traveling to and from the farm. Carpooling is

To Apply: Send an updated resume and cover letter describing your interest in the position to
terpfarm@umd.edu. Include “Terp Farm Student Staff Application” in the subject line. Priority deadline is
Sunday, November 18.

In your cover letter, please provide answers to the following questions:

● Why do you want to work at Terp Farm other than simply working outdoors?
● What are your qualifications for the position?
● What personal goals are you hoping to achieve from this position?
● Describe any experience you have in agriculture or growing vegetables.