Bolstering Organics Collection Infrastructure


Facilities Management



Facilities Management (FM) is committed to expanding waste diversion opportunities throughout the University of Maryland, College Park campus.  The money received from this grant allowed FM to make specific infrastructure investments that has allowed the university to increase the collection of organic material for composting.  Specifically, the grant money was used to purchase a compactor, Toter-tipper, and 60 Toters.
Prior to this grant, Facilities Management did not have a compactor that was dedicated to the collection of organic material.  This greatly limited the ability to expand collections.  The sustainability grant money was used to purchase a green, 34 yard, self-contained compactor that is now used to aggregate campus compostables prior to disposal.  Along with the compactor, a Toter-tipper was purchased to be able to place material into the compactor in an ergonomic manner to prevent worker injuries.  60 green, hot-stamped Toters were also purchased.  These labeled, rolling collection carts are placed behind participating buildings and are specifically designated to collect compostables.  These carts can then be emptied directly into the compactor using the Toter-tipper attachment.
These infrastructure investments, along with the hire of an additional recycling collection staff member and the purchase of interior collection bins, has allowed Facilities Management to expand compost collection to additional administrative, academic, and residential buildings.