Increased Campus Bicycle Parking


Students/Department of Transportation Services



Bicycle parking can be hard to find as more students, faculty, and staff choose to commute to campus by bike.  This project involved adding more bike parking in front of buildings all around campus where bike parking was previously limited during peak times. Student requests, along with Facilities and Fire Marshall involvement, were all weighed when determining locations. The spots chosen were:

·  H. J. Patterson Campus Drive entrance (16 space rack)

·  Van Munching courtyard area (14 space rack)

·  Marie Mount Chapel Drive entrance (10 space rack)

·  School of Public Health (16 space rack)

·  Art-Sociology (two 10space racks)

·  Kent Hall (10 space rack)

A total of 86 spaces were added across these locations. Through partnering with Facilities Management to help cover installation costs, DOTS was able to purchase more racks than initially planned. Student response to the increased bicycle parking has been very positive.