Increasing Campus Bicycle Parking


Department of Transportation Services



The Department of Transportation Services received $5,823 from the Campus Sustainability Fund to purchase 10 new bike racks.  Each rack had capacity for eight bikes, increasing the campus bike parking supply by 80 parking spots.  Originally the scope of this project included installing bike racks at McKeldin Library, Kim Engineering, the Chemistry Library, and the UMD Golf Course.  Implementation of the increase in bike parking supply required close consultation with the campus Facilities Management department.  This process began in the Fall of 2016.  During the course of this consultation it became clear that the current design of the bike parking area at McKeldin Library no longer met the University's needs.  During the Spring of 2017 a new bike parking facility was designed for the south face of McKeldin Library.  This design included a new, permeable surface for the bike parking facility to replace the old, impermeable surface.  Due to increasing demand for bike parking at McKeldin Library, all ten bike racks were allocated to the new bike parking area.  The new bike parking area was constructed in April and May of 2017 and now accommodates 80 bikes.  The old bike parking area was removed at the start of the summer of 2017.