JFarm Improvements


Maryland Hillel



Hillel received a small grant to make improvements at its JFarm, a student-run vegetable and herb garden. The grant will go toward the following supplies needed to expand the garden and turn it into a more robust educational tool:

• Earth Boxes (moveable self-contained planters) are key for the educational component of the garden as these will enable students to move plants around Hillel or campus for education purposes 
• Fences to establish new garden areas 
• Wood, nails and waterproofing stain to divide planting areas 
• Organic soil and fertilizer to use for planting 
• Trellises for hanging plants 
• Rakes and shovels for planting and garden upkeep 
• Seeds, seedlings and plants used for garden expansion 
• Organic pesticides 
• Netting to prevent groundhog and bird issues 
• Soaker hoses to help with water usage efficiency