LED Lighting at CSPAC


Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center



LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have been created and tailored for the theatrical industry to solve tangible power use constraints and to reduce expendable use materials such as gels, lamps, extension cables, and bent frames.  The industry as a whole is incorporating LED technology into future lighting innovations as much as possible.

CSPAC’s LED lighting equipment upgrade is a two-part project that will benefit both the Cafritz Foundation and Dance Theatres.  By replacing the existing lighting system with color-changing LED lights in the Dance Theatre, the CSPAC will significantly reduce the associated material and maintenance costs while increasing the flexibility of lighting this space.  In conjunction with the new equipment, CSPAC will move the current lighting system in the Dance Theatre to the Cafritz Foundation Theatre, thereby eliminating the least energy-efficient lighting equipment in the building.  The payback period for the LED lighting equipment is estimated to be 3 years and 1 month.  
The new LED lighting equipment in the Center’s Dance Theatre would have a broad impact:

  • The upgrade would decrease the labor and materials costs over the life span of the fixtures.
  • More UMD students would be introduced to the color changing potential of LED technology, the ability to “paint” colors with lighting units, and the real-life application of green technology.  Undergraduate students taking Intro to Lighting and Fundamental Theory would benefit, as well as the MFA Lighting Design students in the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies.
  • Enhanced production capabilities in the venue would impact student performances, visiting artists presented by the Center and the lighting options available for community rental events.