Maryland Sustainability Engineering Paint Branch Bioretention


Maryland Sustainability Engineering and Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering



Continuing with their stormwater management efforts on campus, Maryland Sustainability Engineering (MDSE) partnered with Facilities Management (FM) to design and build a bioretention facility near the Paint Branch Trail. MDSE received $8,000 from the Sustainability Fund to purchase materials and equipment to successfully implement the project. The project broke ground on November 22, 2014, and was successfully completed on March 28, 2015, as the feature service project for the Good Neighbor Day Initiative.

This bioretention area will address stormwater and erosion problems on campus by filtering and redirecting the excess water. It will reduce the amount of water that enters the local stormwater system, and decrease the pollutants that are carried with it. In addition, this project provided students with a unique opportunity to work on a project from the design phase through construction and implementation, as well as a hands-on experience demonstrating the benefits of sustainability.