Next Generation Technologies for Sensing, Actuation, and Control of ReACT


A. James Clark School of Engineering and the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation



For the fifth time in the history of the competition, the University of Maryland participated in the 2017 US DoE Solar Decathlon. Named reACT, for resilient Adaptive Climate Technology, Team Maryland’s design was driven by the goal of producing a modular house that can adapt to its uncertain and dynamically changing environment. The house ranked first among U.S. teams and will be rebuilt with upgraded systems next to the other solar decathlon house to create a Sustainability Park for research and education. The reconstruction of reACT offers an opportunity to act on the lessons learned during the Solar Decathlon 2017 competition, to upgrade the sensors, actuators, and instrumentation of this house to more fully enable the adaptability and resiliency of reACT as well as future generations of homes based on our design.