Plug Load Management Pilot Study


Facilities Management



This goal of this project was to study plug load management controls during the HJ Patterson (HJP) Wing 1 renovations. Plug loads include computers, copiers, printers, refrigerators, laundry machines, vending machines, task lights, space heaters, and other electronics. Much of this plug load energy is consumed when users are not utilizing the devices. There are a number of types of controls that could be utilized (occupancy sensing, load sensing, timed) that may work for different applications; plug load management for existing buildings should be investigated as a potential strategy to reduce our campus carbon footprint. The project included four components: purchasing and installing plug load management controls for 50% of electrical receptacles on the second floor of HJP; purchasing and installing electrical sub meters at each receptacle electrical panel on the second floor and the first floor café space; conducting a plug load pilot study to determine which types of plug load controls provide the most energy reduction and work best for different users/devices; and performing a cost/benefit analysis to determine if existing buildings should be targeted for plug load management.