PRESSURE- Piezoelectric Research Enhancing Sustainability through the Systematic Utilization of Renewable Energy


Gemstone Team



In order to advance the field of research in wind energy harnessing, this Gemstone team proposes a methodology for both assembling and testing a piezoelectric wind-energy harvesting device.  This research has important implications in the field of renewable energy, particularly in advancing the utilization of wind as an alternative energy source.  A device that requires minimal maintenance, contains no mechanically moving parts, and converts mechanical strain due to wind-induced vibrations into electrical energy can become a supplemental power source in everyday infrastructure.

The results of this study will expand upon current renewable energy research by advancing knowledge about the maximum power output from the chosen piezoelectric material for a range of given wind velocities, such as those observed on the University of Maryland campus.  Future implementation of this device will allow geographic regions that lack high wind velocities to utilize wind power to generate electrical energy.  The team envisions that the device will reduce human dependence on fossil fuels by harvesting renewable energy.