Rooftop Community Garden Phase II


Rooftop Community Garden Club



With the support from the University Sustainability Fund and UMD Dining Services, the South Campus Dining Hall Rooftop has been transformed into the Rooftop Community Garden.  During Phase I of the project, planters were built out of reclaimed pallets to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  In Phase II, students purchased a black board, shelving for garden equipment, a scale to weigh produce, and materials to construct a hammock. Gardening tools and construction tools were also purchased to build more planters and a three-bin compost system. The tools can be used for future projects at the Rooftop Community Garden as well. Finally, mats were purchased to be placed on high-traffic areas and protect the roof of the South Campus Diner. All the purchases and upgrades have helped to improve the social, community experience and physical infrastructure of the Rooftop Community Garden.