Rooftop Garden on South Campus Dining Hall


Cluster for Sustainability in the Built Environment at the University of Maryland and the Department of Mechanical Engineering



This project aims to revitalize and augment existing infrastructure for food production on the roof of South Campus Dining Hall building. The augmentation will involve construction of a dozen of raised beds for food production as well as a greenhouse facility to support production of plants. Faculty from three different colleges are collaborating in an effort not only to revitalize the existing infrastructure, but also to outline a joint sustainable vision that includes both continuous educational and research activities. This study has been incorporated into a technical elective course for undergraduate students in mechanical engineering. two undergraduate students will assist Dr. Jelena Srebric in designing and conducting the study. The two students will be reaching out to student groups to encourage participation in planting, cultivating, and harvesting organic produce, during and after the duration of the independent study. Moving forward, they will be actively connecting student organizations, professors and courses to the green roof and the educational potentials it provides.