Sustainability Mini-Grants


Office of Sustainability and Student Sustainability Committee of the SGA



The Office of Sustainability and Student Sustainability Committee of the SGA propose to enhance the reach of the University Sustainability Fund by providing mini-grants to sustainability projects that are unable to receive grants through the existing Fund process. Mini-grants are more flexible than Sustainability Fund grants in the following ways:

• Project leaders may request up to $1,000 (whereas project leaders seeking Sustainability Fund grants must request at least $1,000); 
• Requests will be considered on a rolling basis (whereas requests for Sustainability Fund projects are due November 1 each year); and 
• Mini-grants can be transferred to project leaders within weeks of the initial request (whereas project leaders typically wait months before receiving Sustainability Fund grants).

The Student Sustainability Committee of the SGA will administer the mini-grant program by accepting proposals on a rolling basis, reviewing proposals, voting on funding allocations, and issuing grants in a timely manner. Any student, faculty, or staff member can apply. Examples of potential mini-grant projects may include movie nights, lectures, small concerts, campaigns, etc. If this program is successful during the 2014-2015 academic year, then the Student Advisory Subcommittee will consider amending the Sustainability Fund By-Laws to establish a permanent carve out of Sustainability Fund monies to be set aside each year for mini-grants.