Terp Farm


Dining Services/College of Agriculture and Natural Resources



The Department of Dining Services, in collaboration with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources proposes to establish “Terp Farm," a University of Maryland sustainable farming operation to be located at the university’s Upper Marlboro farm facility. The project will establish a three-year pilot program that will result in the construction and operation of a two-acre vegetable farm with high tunnels for season extension. The goal of the project is to create a successful operation that may be expanded to further meet the food supply needs of Dining Services in alignment with the Sustainable Food Commitment, adopted in 2012. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has committed two acres at the Central Maryland Research & Education Center – Upper Marlboro facility, 15 miles from campus. Terp Farm will offer four-season vegetable production for Dining Services and provide produce to food-insecure members of the campus and College Park communities.

Terp Farm 2016 Annual Report