Transforming Student Culture through Green Housing


Department of Resident Life, Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Office of Sustainability



The Department of Resident Life (DRL), the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life (DFSL), and the Office of Sustainability (OS) received a grant that has funded a Green Housing associate who coordinates the Green Terp (DRL) and Green Chapter (DFSL) pilot programs. The grant funds a two-year pilot period for the staff person and programs. Green Terp engages residential students in a dynamic program that promotes sustainability action. Green Chapter supports and encourages sustainable actions in the Greek community. 

The goal of the pilot semester (Spring 2017) was to reach 20% of students within the pilot residence halls or approximately 260 students.  This goal was achieved and Green Terp registered a total of 295 students. In addition, 83 students became Green Terp certified, which is 28% of participating students. Our Green Chapter program aimed to certify one Green Chapter house from a total of four pilot houses. This goal was also achieved by the end of the Spring semester.

OS, DRL and DFSL will be examining the pilot data and making recommendations for an expanded pilot program to begin in Fall 2017.