UMD Apiary


UMD Apiary/Department of Entomology



With the support of Dining Services and the guidance of Entomology faculty, an undergraduate student seeks to create a University of Maryland Apiary consisting of 14 hives, including four observation hives.  The Apiary will foster local bee populations and serve as an education tool for all of the campus community.  The apiary hives will be installed on the roofs of the South Campus Diner and 251 North, complimenting the hives already in place on the North Campus Diner.

The purpose of the Apiary will be to foster bee and beekeeping education, awareness, and outreach.  It will provide a place for presentations and student beekeeping, and will generate funding for further apiculture projects.  Curious newcomers will be able to read signs with information on bees, beekeeping, and the Apiary.  People will also be able to attend presentations called “beeminars” that will include full gowning (protective clothing), an informative live hive inspection, and a chance to spend time up-close and personal with the bees. 

Those wishing to further their experience may take the steps necessary to become a member of the Apiary, giving them access to general beekeeping equipment and the ability to gain experience inspecting hives and beekeeping on their own.  For the even more advanced, such as entomology students and faculty, the Apiary will provide a place for hands-on learning and research.