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The Adele H. Stamp Student Union received this grant to enhance the existing green roofs on top of the Atrium and Price George’s Room and develop a teaching and research space for students and faculty. The enhanced green roofs will feature better draining soil than what was previously installed. Once installation is complete, the new system will work as a “Living Research Laboratory” for Plant Science and Landscape Architecture students who will monitor the success and experiment with new substrates and plant material as needed to ensure the green roofs thrive long-term as stormwater management systems.

This project will provide a sizeable (2,900 square-feet) outdoor classroom in which students can get hands-on experience working with green roof technology and conducting research in a safe rooftop environment. The Stamp, the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, and the Student Chapter Professional Landcare Network created a Stewardship Program Agreement to ensure that the green roofs are always in good shape and that students can use the roof for research.