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Solar panels at UMD

Sustainability at the University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is committed to advance sustainability through the ways we impact the world: teaching, research, service, and operations.

About SustainableUMD

Our global fight against the climate crisis is far from over. The University of Maryland will accelerate its goal to become a net carbon-neutral campus by 2025. It is my hope that these measures will help inspire every one of us to commit to the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions for our planet and for our people. 

SustainableUMD News & Events

Aquaponics: The Future of Sustainable Farming

A Sustainability Fund grant is helping to bring an innovative farming method to the University of Maryland, and nothing about it smells fishy. Students, faculty and staff will build a 1,200-square-foot aquaponics research center near the Research Greenhouse Complex during the Fall 2018 semester. Aquaponics is a form of food production that integrates hydroponics (soilless crops) with aquaculture (fish production). Jose-Luis Izursa, a lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology, is leading the effort.

UMD Alum and Sustainability Pioneer at National Geographic

While National Geographic magazine is renowned for its respect of world cultures and ecosystems, Hans Wegner ’70 spent his career ensuring that the company’s operations were also gentle on the planet.

Alumni Spotlight: Rochelle Samuel

Rochelle Samuel ’15 stood among the first Maryland graduates to earn a minor in sustainability studies—even though five years earlier she’d never heard the term “sustainability.”

Green Life is the Good Life

Students at Maryland can do more than expand their horizons. They can shrink their environmental footprint.   The Office of Sustainability, in partnership with the Department of Resident Life and the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, launched the Green Terp and Green Chapter programs to increase sustainable behaviors among students.  

Let It Bee at UMD

If you like to eat, bees are your friends. The crops they pollinate account for 30 percent of Americans’ diets, and have an economic value of more than $20 billion.  

Computing the Costs of Digital Data on Campus

Although the virtual world can’t operate without the data centers that house oceans of internet information, these giant computerized hubs create problems in the real world. They consume 3 percent of the globe’s electrical power and pump as much carbon into the air as all airlines combined, contributing to climate change.

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Guides, programs, certifications, and commitments to empower all at UMD to advance sustainability progress!

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Progress Hub

The SustainableUMD Progress Hub displays campus sustainability metrics in interactive dashboards, celebrates stories of sustainable progress across the UMD community, and connects local action at UMD with global sustainability goals.

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UMD's Target to Achieve Net-Zero Emissions

STARS rating by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Purchased Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources

Explore campus programs and initiatives through the lens of these sustainability topic areas. 

Explore opportunities to get involved, adopt sustainable practices, and some of the sustainable policies, practices, and infrastructure implemented on campus. Sustainability is multifaceted and interconnected, and there are many linkages between these topics and beyond to the health, safety, and well-being of all.

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Learn more about UMD's path to carbon neutrality by 2025, and sustainability initiatives across the campus!

Sustainability News from University of Maryland

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$95M NASA Cooperative Agreement to Support Research Center Focused on Global Sustainability

Funding Allows UMD to Expand Collaboration With Space Agency, Broader Research Community
View Article $95M NASA Cooperative Agreement to Support Research Center Focused on Global Sustainability
Shelves of Brita filters, desk lamps, mugs, etc.

Residence Hall Essentials Get New Lease on Life at Campus ‘ReStore’

Students Can Donate Gently Used Appliances, Accessories to Benefit Other Terps
View Article Residence Hall Essentials Get New Lease on Life at Campus ‘ReStore’
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UMD Climate Change Policy Study Maps Path to Reach Greenhouse Goals

Researchers Recommend New Policies to Reduce Transportation Emissions by 2030
View Article UMD Climate Change Policy Study Maps Path to Reach Greenhouse Goals

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