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The University of Maryland Office of Sustainability supports and advances environmental performance, economic prosperity and social equality through a variety of initiatives. The staff facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable policies, practices and curricula for the campus community by:

  • Educating the campus community about sustainability
  • Developing sustainability programming that affects student education and campus operations
  • Fostering collaboration between units of the university and external resources
  • Consulting with campus departments (administrative and academic) to find ways of reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainability
  • Coordinating efforts to meet the goals of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment
  • Measuring and reporting on campus sustainability efforts
  • Providing outreach to individuals and organizations both internal and external to the university
  • Supporting the University Sustainability Council

The office was formed in the summer of 2007 following the signing of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. The university has had a long standing commitment to environmental stewardship. However, the focus on sustainability at the began in 2002 with the completion of the Facilities Master Plan and the first national sustainability conference: Beyond Compliance – Campus Greening Through Stewardship. Sustainability efforts expanded over the next four years through a variety of efforts by individuals and campus departments. In 2005 and 2007, UMD joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and several national higher education organizations to sponsor and host the Smart & Sustainable Campuses Conferences. In the spring of 2007, the University issued its first Campus Sustainability Report. The Office of Sustainability is administered by the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk and reports to the Vice President of Administration & Finance.



Scott Lupin


Scott is the Director of the Office of Sustainability and Associate Director for the Department of Environmental Safety. He has been with the university since 1997 where his primary focus involves the development of the campus sustainability program and environmental management. Prior to joining the university, Scott served as an Associate with Dames and Moore, an international environmental and engineering consulting firm. He has also served as an EHS Manager for Honeywell, Inc. and as a RCRA inspector and Superfund investigator for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Scott holds a Master`s degree in Environmental Health from the University of Minnesota and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional.

Mark Stewart

Sustainability Manager

Mark helped launch the Office of Sustainability in 2007 and has developed and supported various sustainability programs in his time at the University of Maryland. He leads efforts to reduce the university’s carbon footprint, administers the University Sustainability Fund, and runs educational programs that aim to prepare every University of Maryland student with the skills they need to be change-agents for sustainability. His work on integrating sustainability into the student experience was published in the Journal of Sustainability Education and in a book on ecological education. Mark earned a master’s degree in Higher Education Policy & Leadership, bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and Organizational Psychology, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Prior to working at UMD, he taught high school earth and environmental sciences, worked as a GIS specialist, and worked in organizational development.

Sally DeLeon

Senior Project Manager

Sally facilitates progress toward campus sustainability goals through public reporting and policy analysis. She tracks and publishes sustainability metrics, supports implementation of the climate action plan, and advises campus stakeholders on carbon reduction strategies and sustainability rating systems. She has consulted for a diverse array of organizations on sustainable development topics, including universities, environmental NGOs, for-profit companies, and international development agencies. Sally earned an interdisciplinary master’s degree in Natural Resource Planning with a concentration in Environment, Society & Public Affairs from the Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. She completed Bachelor’s degrees in both Biology and Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College. Prior to her career as a sustainability professional, she taught chemistry, biology and environmental science for high school, and led service-learning experiences for middle school, high school and college students. She enjoys outdoor adventures, art, Pilates, and gourmet chocolate.

Andrew Muir

Communications Manager

Andrew supports campus sustainability campaigns through communications and marketing. He manages the Office of Sustainability website, social media, newsletters, and public relations while assisting with campus sustainability programming. Andrew graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a BA in Mass Communications. He worked in radio promotions and marketing in the Washington, D.C. area for seven years. In 2007, he was an integral part in launching an eco-friendly radio station, 94.7 The Globe. He has also led marketing and events efforts for the Department of Transportation Services here at UMD. Andrew lives in Annapolis and feels a deep connection to the area, the surrounding communities and the beautiful parks and resources of the state of Maryland. He enjoys playing piano, writing, traveling, sports and spending time on the water.

Samantha Bennett

Sustainability Associate

Samantha is a recent University of Maryland graduate with a degree in environmental science and policy. She hopes to make a difference here at UMD by promoting sustainable office practices through the Green Office Program and encouraging students to achieve sustainable practices as well while working with the LEAF outreach team. Beyond work, Samantha also enjoys singing, taking road trips with friends, and visiting family in Puerto Rico.

Lee-Ellen Myles

Green Housing Associate

Lee-Ellen supports sustainable living on campus as the coordinator for the Green Terp and Green Chapter programs in partnership with Department of Resident Life and Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life. She is a recent University of Maryland graduate from Laytonsville, Maryland with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy. Lee-Ellen is a former LEAF Outreach Team member and previously interned for the U.S. Department of State and Sierra Club. Although she loves her home state of Maryland, Lee-Ellen is an avid traveler and has lived abroad in Italy, Uruguay and Denmark. When not working or traveling, she loves exploring the great outdoors, visiting farmer’s markets and drinking coffee.

Emery Wolf

Sustainability Associate

Emery is a recent transplant from Austin, Texas whose mission at UMD is developing a Green Labs program to reduce energy demand and lower associated carbon emissions from research laboratories on campus. Emery received his Masters degree from The University of Texas at Austin in Energy & Earth Resources, and his Bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in Natural Resource Management. Beyond sustainability, Emery enjoys visiting new National Parks, live music, long road trips, and photography.


Eric Coholan

Green Office Assistant

Eric is an Environmental Science and Policy major born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a concentration in Marine and Coastal Management, he has a great interest in preserving oceanic biodiversity and combating sea level rise. Outside of work, you can catch Eric cheering for any Pittsburgh sports team, or playing club baseball here at UMD. However, during the winter months, he will most likely be shredding the slopes of the nearest mountain. Aside from these activities, Eric aspires to promote conservation and sustainable practices across campus.

Tingwei Hsu

Graphic Design Intern

Tingwei is a sophomore Marketing and Information Systems double major from Montgomery County, Maryland. As part of the business school, she helps to create flyers and marketing campaigns for events. Beyond activities in school, she enjoys drawing, graphic design, reading, and watching movies in her free time. She also likes working with kids by serving as camp counselor and tutor in the summer. She hopes that she can help promote the sustainability cause on campus through her passion for design.

Sanchali Singh

Writing and Communications Assistant

Sanchali is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in sustainability. She has always been interested in sustainability and living green, habits that she learned from her sister and then developed on her own. Growing up in New England, Sanchali spent much of her childhood outdoors hiking and camping in national parks and the Himalayas. Her love for nature and the environment led her to minor in sustainability. She hopes to combine her major and minor to write about the environment and its impact on animal life. In her free time, Sanchali enjoys reading until her eyes hurt, sunbathing, cooking mediocre meals she thought would turn out better, and playing with her cat.

Samantha Walker

Writing and Communications Assistant

Originally from Montville, New Jersey, Samantha is a Junior at the University of Maryland studying Communications. With a passion for making sustainable choices of her own, she hopes to use her journalism and communications skills to spread the message around campus. Samantha is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and spends many weekends volunteering with Lucky Dog by walking shelter dogs around DC. In her free time, she loves finding new trails near College Park to hike.

LEAF Outreach

Wade Williams

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Wade Williams is a energized and passionate steward of the Earth, and makes an effort every single day to make a difference. Through the small action of picking up a piece of litter, to biking 22 miles round trip to work in the winter to avoid using a car, Wade tries to do as many actions as possible actions that reduce his negative impacts and increase his positive impacts. Wade has many interests, and especially loves kayaking, biking, traveling, meeting new people, and spending time on his family farm in Harford County. Wade hopes to bring all of his various experiences to the LEAF team this year, to broaden the impact of the LEAF team’s efforts!

Taylor Brinks

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Taylor is a junior studying Environmental Science and Technology with a minor in Sustainability Studies. Her passion for sustainability stems from her love of nature, and she hopes to further spread awareness about sustainability to her friends, family, and peers. Taylor works on campus at Ritchie Coliseum and volunteers with ENSPire. When she's not busy rambling to her roommates about reusable bags and composting, Taylor likes to cook, go on hikes, and watch Food Network.

Ryan Kapoor

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Ryan is currently undecided but is leaning towards a biology or environmental science major. He was born in New York and raised in Long Island, New York. Ryan took AP Environmental Science in high school which sparked his interest in environmental science and sustainability. Since then Ryan has been participating in sustainable practices. Ryan's favorite hobbies include running, watching movies, and hanging out with his dog. Ryan in a freshman and this is his first year on the LEAF Outreach team! What Ryan likes most about the team is that we can show everyone on campus that sustainable practices can be fun, unique, useful, and rewarding.

Matthew Brandon

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Matthew is majoring in Chemical Engineering and in the Integrated Life Sciences with the Honors College. He has a particular interest in agricultural sustainability and hopes that he can put his current studies to use in this field. Matthew’s interest in this topic is rooted in his love for home gardening and cooking with fresh vegetables along with his fascination in Holland’s greenhouses. Some of Matthew’s hobbies are biking, hiking with his dog Hank and gardening. Matthew is a freshman so it is his first year on the LEAF team. His favorite part about being on the team so far is that he has been able to learn about a couple of fun, sustainable activities and is looking forward to teaching them to others and learning more.

Laura Exar

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Laura is a freshman majoring in Environmental Science and Policy. She is from Derwood, Maryland, although she was raised in Asheville, North Carolina. Laura’s passion for Environmental Science stems from her love of nature and animals. Although this is her first year with the Leaf Team, Laura has also had internships at Asheville Greenworks, a local environmental nonprofit in North Carolina, and the WNC Nature Center. She also participated in a sea turtle conservation program in Costa Rica and was an exchange student in Aosta, Italy her sophomore year of high school! In her free time, Laura enjoys ceramics and hiking.

Matti Ruppert

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Matti is an English Language and Literature major from Kent Island, MD. Matti has always felt a strong desire to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment, which led her to diversify her studies by minoring in Sustainability. Matti’s interest in sustainability originates with her love of exploring nature, as well as with her family, who always taught her to care about her impact on the environment. Matti’s favorite hobbies include hiking, working out, and reading. As a junior who just transferred to UMD, this is Matti’s first year on the LEAF Outreach Team, and she is excited to begin working towards achieving a common goal with the other passionate members of the team while reaching students campus-wide.

Maggie Tan

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Maggie is an aspiring Environmental Scientist born and raised in Olney, MD. Maggie has a passion for environmental remediation and preservation, which has led her to pursue a Geological Sciences and Restoration Track within her major. Maggie’s interest in sustainability was fostered by her love of being outdoors, exploration, and wildlife. Maggie’s favorite hobbies include hiking, playing volleyball, and eating tacos. As a sophomore, this is Maggie’s first year on the LEAF Outreach Team. She hopes to become an inspiring voice within her community of future leaders to advocate for a more sustainable future and to excite others in making a change.

Madeline Potter

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Madeline is a junior Environmental Horticulture major and a certified yoga instructor, teaching both on and off campus. She grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland with a mom, dad and younger sister. Madeline’s interest in sustainability grew after working two summers on a small organic farm and after taking a couple sustainability courses on campus. She enjoys gardening, hiking, kayaking, attending concerts and music festivals, traveling and trying out new restaurants. This is Madeline’s first year, being a part of the LEAF Outreach Team. Her favorite part about being on the team is working with and learning from other passionate individuals and having the opportunity to introduce and educate others about sustainable practices.

Carmen Borgia

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Having grown up in College Park, Carmen was born to be a Terp. As a freshman, she has not yet declared a major; but she has always been passionate about protecting the environment and would love to someday pursue a career this field. Her other interests include traveling, learning new skills, completing various art projects, and spending time with friends. One of her biggest accomplishments is completing her junior year of high school in Australia, and she hopes to study abroad again as an undergraduate—possibly in Europe or South America. While Carmen looks forward to reaching out to and inspiring as many new people as she can as a LEAF team member, she is most excited about spending the next year bonding with her fellow “teammates” who share her same passion for sustainability.

Joy Wang

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Joy is studying to be an Environmental Engineer and is passionate about sustainable design and water resources. She has lived in China, Texas, Tennessee, and now Maryland and studied abroad in Denmark. Her sustainability journey began when she learned about recycling and by continuing to learn more about sustainability, she has made it a priority in her life. Joy’s hobbies include exploring new places, being outdoors, petting dogs, and staying active. This is Joy’s first year being on the LEAF team and her last year on campus. Some of her favorite parts about LEAF is being able to educate and encourage others to be green and being inspired by her fellow team members.

Gabrielle Kanik

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Gabrielle is an aspiring Environmental Communications student born and raised in Odenton, MD. Gabrielle has a passion for writing and the environment, which led her to pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Sustainability at UMD. Gabrielle loves learning how to report on green topics while keeping in mind the audience and what would keep them engaged. Gabrielle’s hobbies include volunteering at the fire station, ballroom dance, choir, and playing piano. As a senior, this is Gabrielle’s last year at UMD and on the LEAF Outreach Team. Her favorite part about being on the team is being able to connect to students and let them know that every single small sustainability change they make can have a huge difference when it comes to saving the environment.

Caitlin Banez

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Caitlin is a French and Spanish major and a Sustainability and Religious Studies minor from Silver Spring, MD. She enjoys studying languages and cultures, crafting art projects, traveling, and boxing. Her interest for sustainability is rooted in her love for animals and spending time outdoors, which sparked her passion to advocate for maintaining a green environment. After spending a semester abroad in Sevilla, Spain last spring, she is enthusiastic to be joining the LEAF Outreach Team during her senior year at UMD. As a team member, she is excited to communicate the importance of fostering daily collective efforts towards sustainability with her peers on campus.

Dylann Middleton

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Dylann is from Fairfield, CT and wants to go into the field of Environmental Law after graduation. She is currently majoring in Environmental Science and Policy hoping to declare the Politics and Policy concentration. She found this passion after watching a series of life changing documentaries and paying close attention to the pressing environmental issues of today. Dylann’s favorite things in the world include dogs, specifically her dog Pepper, and french fries. She is also a part of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority and the CIVICUS living and learning program. This will be Dylann’s first year on the LEAF Outreach Team and she is so excited to help other UMD students become more sustainable and ecofriendly!

Anna Lowien

LEAF Outreach Team Leader

Anna is an aspiring Environmental Scientist from Leonardtown, MD. Anna has a passion for wetlands and restoration science, which led her to pursue an Environmental Geosciences and Restoration concentration within her major. Anna’s interest in sustainability stems from her passion to make a difference in the world. Anna’s favorite hobbies include reading, running, and music. As a junior, this is Anna’s second year on the LEAF Outreach Team. Her favorite part about being on the team is her ability to advocate for her passions through fun, interactive, and often crafty activities. Anna loves to meet new people and engage them in sustainability, both of which are a central part of outreach work.

Ashley Edwards

LEAF Outreach Team Intern

Ashley is a Geographic Information Science (GIS) Major, born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Her experiences with the Baltimore office of sustainability introduced her to GIS and its role in urban planning; this explains her track in sustainability and development. Ashley’s interest in sustainability originated from her work on local trails in Baltimore city, urban farms, and her passion to preform green projects with others. Although Ashley is a sophomore, this is her first year working with the Leaf outreach team. The thing about the internship she enjoys the most is being apart of events that induce conversations about what it means to be” green” and “sustainable”.

Chris Weir

LEAF Outreach Team Leader

Raised in Harford County, Maryland, Chris is a sophomore majoring in Architecture and minoring in Sustainability Studies and Real Estate Development. He has been on the LEAF Team for over a year and enjoys sharing his passion for sustainability with others. In addition to the LEAF Outreach Team, Chris is a part-time Graphic Design intern for the Office of Sustainability, a Teaching Assistant for a class in sustainable development (ARCH271), an employee at the UMD Architecture Library, and an active member of the Environment, Technology, and Economy Scholars Program as a representative on their student advisory board. He is always looking for new ways to spread his passion for sustainability through art and design.