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  • The Importance of Environmental Justice

    Environmentalism in the black community has historically bridged the connection between health and the environment.

  • Refuse Reborn

    Trash to Treasure Program Collects Estimated 25 Tons of Recyclable, Reusable Goods.

  • Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator launched

    With the recent launch of the Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator (MEIA), the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) is poised to deliver on its mission of assisting energy r

  • Improvements to global power transmission & distribution could cut emissions

    The Center for Global Sustainability (UMD) at the University of Maryland and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), launched new 

  • Healthy Food, Healthy Environment

    Dining Services has expanded its menu of eco-friendly actions in hopes of providing students with a more sustainably satisfying experience.  

  • UMD to Accelerate Carbon Neutrality Goal to 2025

    We are pleased to share this Maryland Today article about UMD’s new carbon neutrality goal.

  • Sustainability at UMD Lecture Series

    This lecture series is offered during Spring 2021 as part of Professor Ralph Bennett’s ARCH 289i course called Sustainability at the University of Maryland, College Park

  • Water for Food Deserts

    Student Aquaponics Project Could Help County Grow Urban Agriculture in Empty Buildings

  • Fighting Phantom Flushes

    Device Created by Terps Helps Keep Unnecessary Water—and Money—From Going Down the Toilet  

  • Double Duty

    Architecture School’s 3 New Dual Degrees to Prepare Students for a Changing, Challenging World

More University Sustainability News

Living Umbrella at Vigilante Coffee Co.
An Upgrade From Artificial Shade
Dave Tilley and his family were wilting on a sun-scorched pool deck in Las Vegas when he noticed other vacationers huddled in the shade of a shrub. The University of Maryland faculty researcher figured Mother Nature could be a little more accommodating. His idea: Combine flowering plants with patio umbrellas to provide an eco-friendly form of shade, cooling and beauty. Living Umbrellas, now available outside select D.C.-area restaurants and on the shelves at Sam’s Club, produce natural blooms from spring through fall and come with a solar-powered irrigation system. 
View Article An Upgrade From Artificial Shade
Smoke stacks and wind turbine
4 Reasons Biden’s Plan to Slash Emissions Can Work
President Joe Biden is widely expected to roll out a new climate plan this week calling for the U.S. to slash greenhouse gas emissions to half of 2005 levels by decade’s end—a challenging goal that climate scientists and policymakers agree would help keep the world on track to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and avoid drastic outcomes of climate change, from widespread flooding to droughts and increased disease. Here’s the good news this Earth Day, according to a University of Maryland researcher and a leading U.S. voice on climate policy: Not only are such cuts within our reach as a nation, we’re already well on our way—and continuing to push can actually boost our economy while protecting the planet’s future.
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Airplane takes off
People Love Hybrid Cars. Get Ready for Hybrid Planes
Now, a team led by University of Maryland professors Christopher Cadou in aerospace engineering and Eric Wachsman in materials science and engineering has its sights set on a breakthrough: a hybrid gas turbine/fuel cell system that can be used to power large aircraft such as the Boeing 737 that generate more than 85% of aviation emissions globally.
View Article People Love Hybrid Cars. Get Ready for Hybrid Planes
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