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SustainableUMD News

We track, compile and communicate sustainability news from across campus. Explore our article compilations here, and follow @SustainableUMD on social media to stay up to date! 


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SustainableUMD News (searchable archive)

  • Earth Month

    Earth Fest Wed, April 20, 11:00 am- 3:00 pm, Hornbake Plaza

  • UMD Sustainable Tuesdays: Lecture Series

    Tuesdays: 5PM- 6:15PM  Location: Auditorium (Room 0204), School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Tuesdays from 5-6:15pm, explore campus sustainability through lectures, free and open to all (KN95 masks required in all UMD classrooms). This lecture series being offered during the Spring Semester as part of ARCH 272, Sustainability at the University of Maryland, College Park, organized by Professor Emeritus Ralph Bennett. The series is co-sponsored by the Office of Sustainability.  

  • UMD's Journey to Curbing Waste

    Despite the obstacles, UMD's departments have achieved major improvements in reducing waste and improving recycling, composting, and reuse systems. While tackling waste sources and systems is an ongoing process, each of us can contribute to progress towards much needed change. Read this story

  • Sustainability in the Food System

    Dining Services Partners to Alleviate Hunger, Avoid Waste, and Address Climate Pollution In support of campus sustainability goals, Dining Services developed and adopted the Sustainable Food Action Plan in October 2012, committing to continuously provide more nutritious and environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable food to campus diners. Read this story

  • Building a Sustainable Future

    UMD collaborates on revitalization, restoration and renewal Since sustainability is--in essence--about the future, thoughtful planning is an essential piece of creating a story that achieves the kind of visions embodied in campus, community, and global sustainability goals. At the local scale, UMD and partners in government and business are guiding that planning with a deep commitment to “smart growth.” Read this feature story

  • Year in Review: 2020-2021

    The University continues to strive for excellence in climate action, aiming to achieve the visions embodied in campus, community, and global sustainability goals. The 2020 calendar year highlights the University’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and climate action even as financial and social challenges mounted with the impacts of the global pandemic. Read this feature story

  • The Importance of Environmental Justice

    Environmentalism in the black community has historically bridged the connection between health and the environment. Leaders of the community have advocated for environmental justice to protect low income and minority residents from health issues caused by large industries. In order to protect these underrepresented neighborhoods, environmental justice became apart of social justice. This sparked the environmental justice movement in the black community.

  • Refuse Reborn

    Trash to Treasure Program Collects Estimated 25 Tons of Recyclable, Reusable Goods. Read More

  • Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator launched

    With the recent launch of the Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator (MEIA), the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) is poised to deliver on its mission of assisting energy related research and technology efforts to commercialize and move to market. Read More

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Backyard Climate Guard

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$4.8M Grant Supports Sustainable Fertilizer Research

Ag Scientists Work to Explore Benefits of Transforming Poultry Waste
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Mid-Atlantic Climate Action Hub Launches With $2.2M Grant From Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

New Initiative to Link Environmental Justice Efforts Across Five States and D.C.
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