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SustainableUMD News

We track, compile and communicate sustainability news from across campus. Explore our article compilations here, and follow @SustainableUMD on social media to stay up to date! 


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Check out more stories on the SustainableUMD Progress Hub. Learn more about UMD's sustainability community and its impact on campus through stories, digital histories, and interactive features. 

SustainableUMD News (searchable archive)

  • UMD Lab Sheds 50,000 pounds of CO2 Emissions Annually

    Research labs at universities consume copious amounts of energy. For instance, a single chemical fume hood in a lab can consume as much energy as three average American homes. Toss in a few lab freezers holding a constant -80 degrees Celsius temperature and energy consumption adds up quickly. While research allows us to live healthier and better lives, simple shifts in behavior can reduce the environmental impacts associated with research.

  • Terps vs. Pros: Sustainable Food Challenge

    "Terps vs. Pros: Sustainable Food Challenge" is back! This College of Agriculture & Natural Resources project was funded by a Sustainability Fund grant that provides students with creative solutions to improving food security in the student community.  Read More

  • Sustainability Seven: Michael Carmichael, Facilities Management

    Michael Carmichael became University of Maryland’s first Stormwater Management and Maintenance Inspector five years ago. He is featured in our “Sustainability Seven” because of his dedication to helping make UMD a more sustainable campus through better stormwater management practices. 1) For those who do not know or are not familiar with the term, what is stormwater management and how does it relate to sustainability?

  • Momentum Magazine

    The summer edition of Momentum from the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources features stories about how the college is helping to ensure a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay by helping farmers navigate the tides of saltwater intrusion, and a revolution in management of green space and stormwater practices by residents in Baltimore City. Read More

More University Sustainability News

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Composting Goes Campuswide. We Break It Down.

5 Tips to Contributing and Reducing Food Waste
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Can Burning Man Avoid Warming the Planet?

Student Analysis Could Help the World’s Largest ‘Leave No Trace’ Event Go Carbon-Neutral
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Campus Creek

State Awards $1.7M to Complete Campus Creek Restoration

UMD Project Will Help Manage Campus-Generated Pollutants, Sediment That Flow Into Chesapeake Bay
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