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Sustainable Transportation

Reducing Emissions & Protecting Green Space

Bicycling, walking, and public transit reduce emissions and traffic. They preserve green spaces often displaced by parking and roads.

We can ensure an accessible, healthy, active, and equitable transportation system through planning, infrastructure, programs, policies, and practices.

by 2035 the UMD fleet will be entirely electric (over a thousand vehicles)
carbon offsetting of UMD carbon emissions from air travel & undergrad student commuting
The League of American Bicyclists has recognized UMD as a Gold-Level Bike-Friendly Campus since 2011
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UMD's Department of Transportation Services offers sustainable transportation options to help you save time, money and the planet! 

Smart Commute

Smart Commute Trip Planner:

This platform helps you plan a sustainable commute using transit, bike routes, and walking paths. It can even connect you with a carpool buddy from the university. 

Join Smart Commute


BikeUMD programs include rentable bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, bike shop, safety resources, managed by DOTS and RecWell. The Bike Commuter Incentive Program provides secure bike parking and shower facilities. New this year is our Bike Concierge Program & the Rainy Day Bike Rewards program to help you start or continue commuting by bike.

Start Biking
Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles:

Over a dozen electric vehicle charging stations are open to the public in visitor lots. Plug-in vehicles can receive the 20% green vehicle discount on an annual or semester permit.

Go Electric


Shuttle-UM has many fare-free routes that connect the campus and the surrounding communities- providing over three million rides a year with a fleet that includes hybrid and clean diesel bus models.

Ride the Shuttle
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Carpooling maximizes your commute time and saves you money on gas and vehicle maintenance. Use the Smart Commute digital platform to connect with potential university ridesharing partners on your schedule and route. Registered carpoolers receive a 50% discount on an annual permit.

Find a Rideshare
Paint Branch creek

Paths & Trails to Walk or Bike

There are safe and shady trails and paths winding around the College Park campus, connecting bicyclists and pedestrians to the surrounding region. Whether for recreation or transportation, explore these lovely alternatives to busy roadways. 

Trails, Paths & Parks
Two people standing next to a car on campus

Idle-Free UMD

In Maryland, you’re not legally allowed to idle longer than five minutes, yet engines benefit from being turned off after 10 seconds. Since idling wastes gas and emits pollutants that are harmful to the lungs, the less you idle, the better.

Avoid Idling
Shuttle bus


How UMD advances sustainable transportation

UMD is walkable and bike-friendly. The campus is not only close to train and metro stations, but also has an extensive campus shuttle system and public transit options. The Smart Commute Platform helps people find routes, calculate timing, costs, and emissions for their routes, and even match with potential carpooling options on their same schedule and route. 

The university is committed to supporting connectivity, the use of sustainable transportation rather than personal vehicles, increasing access and appeal of the campus for pedestrians, and housing students on campus or adjacent to campus to reduce commuting emissions. 

UMD Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) provides the campus community options and incentives encouraging sustainable transportation use, to reduce emissions and single-occupancy vehicles on campus.

Parking cash out incentivizes employees to commute sustainably: The program in 2018 & 2019 successfully incentivized 100 university employees to give up their annual parking permit and commute using sustainable modes for one year. By the end of the program period, most participants indicated they will continue their sustainable car-free commute and not repurchase their parking permit.

Bicycle Recycle program gives old bikes a new life: Funded through a Sustainability Fund Award, the Bicycle Recycle program was started in 2019 to reduce environmental waste, encourage sustainable commutes and develop a culture of donation among students who no longer need their bikes. Bikes are repaired and sold at a discount at the annual DOTS Transportation Fair. Learn more

Electric Scooter & Bike Share:  In 2019 DOTS, the City of College Park, and Town of University Park partnered with the micro-mobility company Veo to create regulations and initially introduce 70 e-scooters to campus and the surrounding area.

Related Academic and Research Programs:

Sustainable Transportation Stories: 

Building a Sustainable Future

At the local scale, UMD and partners in government and business are guiding that planning with a deep commitment to “smart growth.”

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UMD Awarded Nearly $40M for Electric Buses

UMD's Department of Transportation Services was awarded nearly $40 million to replace nearly 75% of Shuttle-UM bus fleet with electric buses.

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Feasibility Study for Bike, Scooter Lanes

DOTS and Facilities Planning will oversee a one-year feasibility study and design process to add separate bike/micromobility lanes to major campus corridors.

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Bicycle Recycle Gives Old Bikes New Life

A new DOTS program provides affordable refurbished bikes to UMD students and reduces environmental waste.

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