RecycleMania 2019: February 3 - March 30

What is RecycleMania? 

The annual 8-week competition challenges colleges and universities across the United States and Canada to collect the most recyclable materials.

In 2018, the UMD campaign theme was "Go Green for the Gold."

UMD achieved No. 1 in the state of Maryland for recycling rate and the total recycling category.  

UMD RecycleMania Stats 2018 RecycleMania Results 

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Shredding and Electronic Recycling Event

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the e-waste and shredding event! Through the event we were able to recycle 9,468 lbs. of shredded paper and 5,462 pounds of electronics.

"Recycle This!" Video Contest 2018

Congrats to 2018 winner, Nisha Seebachan for her video, “Why Recycling is Not a Trend; It’s Actually Important.”

"Recycle This!" Video Contest 2017

Congrats to 2017 winner, Kim Hopkins for her video, "How Should Terps Recycle?" 

Past "Recycle This!" Video Contest Competitions 

A round of applause goes to Shannon Cooper, the winner of the 2016 "Recycle This!" contest, for her video titled "Clean the Stream."  

The 2015 “Recycle This!” video contest winner was “Terps Recycle,” by Alyssa Zinar. Alyssa won $500 in Terrapin Express Points for her winning video! 

Our 2014 “Recycle This!” video contest winner was “Earth Wins When We Use the Bins,” by Shannon Cooper, Maria Pascale, Anna Lieberman, and Hanna Finigan.