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Terp Startup Breakbox Has A Fun Solution For Recycling Glass

Ryan Perpall of Break Box Recycling Inc. is looking to reduce the burden of glass on the recycling stream by creating entertaining bottle throwing experiences for consumers. Read More

Refuse Reborn

Trash to Treasure Program Collects Estimated 25 Tons of Recyclable, Reusable Goods. Read More

Campus Recycling Update Regarding Glass

The processor of UMD's recyclable material is no longer accepting glass. Please do not dispose any glass products in campus recycling bins—all glass products should be disposed in the trash/landfill waste bins.  Read More

Uptown Cheapskate Thrift Store Opens in College Park

You can now buy and sell lightly-used clothing at Uptown Cheapskate in College Park! The thrift store — located below Monument Village apartments on Route 1 — had its grand opening Sept. 26 to a line of waiting customers snaked around the sidewalk outside. Read More

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