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Sustainable Media Round-Up

Each April, Earth Month is celebrated to encourage and promote Sustainability at UMD. Throughout the month, a number of Earth Month events will be hosted on Campus and in the local community. In preparation for this celebration, the Office of Sustainability reached out to students, staff, and faculty on campus in search of their favorite sustainable media recommendations. This round-up compiles everything from documentaries to podcasts to magazines and more. 

Our Planet cover image
Photo credit: "Our Planet"

Documentary Series: Our Planet

The 2019 Netflix documentary series, Our Planet, provides an inside look into wildlife on planet Earth in climates ranging from exotic rainforests to vast oceans. Guided by the narration of Sir David Attenborough, the documentary series explores the impacts of climate change on animal life amidst a gorgeous backdrop of natural landscapes. “It’s stunningly beautiful to look at, but also helps put into perspective the types of living beings impacted by human actions,” said Senior Management and Marketing student Zoe Slavin. 

Recommendation from Zoe Slavin, Senior Management and Marketing Major.

Building Hope Podcast photo
Image credit: Building Hope Podcast

Podcast: Building Hope

The “Building Hope” Podcast is a product of students and graduates of the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation. Partially funded by a Sustainability Fund grant, the podcast seeks to promote optimism amongst young people amid the current climate crisis. Season 1 aired in Spring 2023, and covered topics ranging from climate resilience, low-carbon materials, food justice, housing equity, community collaboration, and more. The podcast, “features the visionary work of current students and graduates,” said Jelena Dakovic, Communications Coordinator for the School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation. Check out the “Building Hope,” podcast on all major streaming platforms and follow @buildinghopepod on Instagram to stay updated on new episode releases. 

Recommendation from Jelena Dakovic, Communications Coordinator, School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation. 

Generation Dread newsletter cover image
Image Credit: "Gen Dread"

Newsletter: Gen Dread

Gen Dread” is a periodic newsletter that seeks to create community, normalize mental health struggles, and discuss the current effects of climate change. The newsletter is written by Dr Britt Wray, an author and Stanford researcher who works to understand the connection between climate change and mental health. The name, “Gen Dread” is a shortened version of Wray’s book title, “Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Anxiety.” While the newsletter offers a paid subscription, the free version is released every few weeks and contains personal essays, interviews with experts, and tips for prioritizing mental health during a challenging time. This newsletter comes as a recommendation from Savannah Holt, Sustainability Associate for the Office of Sustainability. Gen Dread “allows me to keep learning about how people are courageously combatting the climate crisis,” Holt said. 

Recommendation from Savannah Holt, Sustainability Associate, Office of Sustainability

Landscape Architecture Magazine cover image
Image Credit: Landscape Architecture Magazine

Magazine: Landscape Architecture Magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine shares timely articles on a variety of environmental considerations to architectural planning. Some of the topics they cover include ecologically sensitive landscape design, green technology, conservation, and more. “It’s a gorgeous print and digital magazine that covers timely environmental topics,” said Emily Davidson, Communications Coordinator for the College of Information Studies. The publication often delves into how landscapes and public spaces can be designed with biodiversity and sustainability in mind. Make sure to check out the April issue, which is free on their website for Earth Month! Follow @landarchmag to stay up to date when current issues are released.  

Recommendation from Emily Davidson, Communications Coordinator, College of Information Studies

Sustainability Defined Image
Image Credit: Sustainability Defined

Podcast: Sustainability Defined

Podcast hosts and DC locals, Jay Siegal and Scott Breen, found the term “sustainability” too ambiguous. Their podcast, “Sustainability Defined,” seeks to cure this problem. Each episode focuses on a different topic surrounding sustainability. Siegal and Breen dive into the topic with the help of an experienced guest and aid their listeners in defining what exactly sustainability is. “Each episode breaks down a topic in a comprehensible way which makes it enjoyable and not strenuous,” said Taylor Brinks, Sustainability Outreach Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. Check out new episodes on the first Friday of each month on all major streaming platforms.

Recommendation from Taylor Brinks, Sustainability Coordinator, Office of Sustainability. 

Eyes on Earth Podcast Image
Image credit: Eyes on Earth

Podcast: Eyes on Earth

Eyes on Earth is a biweekly podcast hosted by Tom Adamson, Jane Lawson, and Sheri Levisay. Episodes are released every other Monday and cover remote sensing, Earth observation, land change, and science. The podcast is created by the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science Center, which is associated with UMD. This podcast comes as a recommendation from Emily Hightower, Department of Transportation Services. Hightower specifically recommends episode 82, which covers, “the purpose of the GEDI mission on the International Space Station and what is being learned from it,” she said. 

Recommendation from Emily Hightower, Data Analyst, Department of Transportation Services

Down to Earth cover image
Image Credit: Down to Earth

Documentary Series: Down to Earth with Zac Efron 

The documentary series “Down to Earth,” originally premiered on Netflix in 2020. Four years later, the show has now aired two seasons. Throughout the series, actor, Zac Efron, along with superfoods expert, Darin Olien, travel the world in search of good food and sustainable agriculture practices. Similar to “Our Planet,” this series is stunningly shot. Department of Transportation Services Staff member, Phillip Hyon, says the series is,”well made and fun to watch. It introduces good food and great sustainable practices in all areas of life." 

Recommendation from Phillip Hyon, Staff, Department of Transportation Services

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