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Accepted Compostable Bags

AJM Packaging Corporation: Paper BioSave Refuse Bag Sizes: Yard waste Item #s: 69214 

BioBag Americas, Inc: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: Various Item #s: 187020, 187072, 191149, 187125, 191139, 187155, Bag4Life, Google 

Fortune Plastics: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: 33"X 39", 40"X46" Item #s: Bio4046, 3339 compostable

Glad Manufacturing Company:  Compostable mini kitchen bags. Sizes: 2.6G Item #s: 78162 

Green Pacific NW: Compostable bag liners Sizes: Item #s: T64D-001, F64D-001 

Heritage-BioTuf: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: Various Item #s: Y6039SE, Y6848YE, Y8448YE, Y9460YE 

Indaco Manufacturing: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: Mini Kitchen Item #s: BTN35201, BTN12310 

Northern Technologies: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: 3 gallon to 96 gallon Item #s: NT1075-RTL- 000: 04,10, 07; NT1025-X-000: 03, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,18, 26, 28, 29, 30 

Pitt Plastics:  Compostable 1 mil bag liners. Sizes: Up to 60 gallons Item #s: BS30G, 5PHW8, BS33G, 5PHW9, BS45G, 5PHX0, BS60G, 5PHX1 

Plastic Solutions: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: Up to 2mil Item #s: Ecosafe-6400 

Poly America: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: Mini Kitchen, Tall Kitchen Item #s: EGC10030N, EGC15020N, EG33WC010G Click here to locate a distributor 

Ralston - Biosak: Compostable bag liners. Sizes: Kitchen Item #s: 51303, 50303 

Renew Packaging, LLC: Compostable Bag Liners Sizes: 23 gal, 48 gal Item #s: TL-2442, TL-4248  Republic Bag Compostable bag liners. Sizes: 33 X 39 Item #s: 39-120 

Ziploc: Compostable bags Sizes: Mini kitchen Item #s: Z/L-FS 

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