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Office of Sustainability

The University of Maryland Office of Sustainability supports and advances campus environmental performance and literacy, engagement, financial stewardship, and social well-being. The office facilitates the development and implementation of sustainable policies, practices, and programs for the campus community.


Empower the university community to imagine and co-create a vibrant future for people, ecosystems and the planet.


Through technical expertise and partnerships, the UMD Office of Sustainability works to align the university’s culture with sustainability principles. We strive to integrate these principles into all areas of education, research, and operations. In this process, we seek to continuously improve environmental conditions, well-being, health, safety and community for all life on Earth today and into the future.


Leadership Guiding, empowering and mentoring key partners across the university to imagine and implement necessary change to create a more vibrant world.

Diversity – Valuing different perspectives, ideas, ways of understanding, and approaches to solving challenges.

Collaboration –Supporting and relying on the collective strength of people and teams for greater gain.

Dignity Offering respect to all. 

Resilience Recognizing uncertainty, encouraging adaptability, and providing flexibility in solutions.

Experiential Learning Learning by doing and valuing experimental pilots as part of the learning process.

The Office relies on these Values to carry out its Mission by:

The Office of Sustainability is part of the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk and reports to the Vice President for Administration.

Staff (Full-Time)

Portrait of Scott Lupin

Scott Lupin

Portrait of Sally DeLeon

Sally DeLeon

Sustainability Manager
Portrait of Taylor Brinks

Taylor Brinks

Sustainability Coordinator
Portrait of Rose Rodriguez

Rose Rodriguez

Sustainability Coordinator
Portrait of Savannah Holt

Savannah Holt

Sustainability Associate
Portrait of Dyani Frye

Dyani Frye

Sustainability Associate

Interns (2023-2024)

Portrait of Emma Brashear

Emma Brashear

Residential Engagement
Portrait of Jordana Flisser

Jordana Flisser

Green Chapter
Portrait of Clare Gallagher

Clare Gallagher

Portrait of Annika Kuchel

Annika Kuchel

Staff Engagement
Portrait of Solana Page

Solana Page

Outreach Bike & Events

SustainableUMD Outreach Ambassadors

Portrait of Aboli Dahiwadkar

Aboli Dahiwadkar

Portrait of Alexandra Lorincz

Alexandra Lorincz

Portrait of Elana Naide

Elana Naide

Portrait of Hailey Steier

Hailey Steier

Portrait of Nicole Miko

Nicole Miko

Portrait of Paige Kunkle

Paige Kunkle

Portrait of Sasha Peiris-Scheirer

Sasha Peiris-Scheirer

Portrait of Yuwen Yang

Yuwen Yang


Sustainability Advisors (2023-2024)

Portrait of Anushka Tandon

Anushka Tandon

Sustainability Advisor
Portrait of Ashwini Mariappan

Ashwini Mariappan

Sustainability Advisor
Portrait of Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson

Sustainability Advisor
Portrait of Quinn Lungenbeel

Quinn Lungenbeel

Ambassador & Sustainability Advisor
Portrait of Sarah Edery

Sarah Edery

Sustainability Advisor
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