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Office of Sustainability

The University of Maryland Office of Sustainability supports and advances environmental performance, economic prosperity, and social equality through a variety of initiatives. The office facilitates the development and implementation of sustainable policies, practices, and curricula for the campus community by:

  • Educating the campus community about sustainability
  • Developing sustainability programming that affects student education and campus operations
  • Fostering collaboration between units of the university and external resources
  • Consulting with campus departments (administrative and academic) to find ways of reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainability
  • Coordinating efforts to meet the goals of the Carbon Commitment and Climate Action Plan
  • Measuring and reporting on-campus sustainability efforts
  • Providing outreach to individuals and organizations both internal and external to the university
  • Supporting the University Sustainability Council

The Office of Sustainability is part of the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk and reports to the Vice President for Administration.

Staff (Full-Time)

Portrait of Scott Lupin

Scott Lupin

Portrait of Sally DeLeon

Sally DeLeon

Sustainability Manager
Portrait of Emily Hightower

Emily Hightower

Sustainability Coordinator
Portrait of Taylor Brinks

Taylor Brinks

Sustainability Coordinator


Portrait of Anushka Tandon

Anushka Tandon

Leadership Development Intern
Portrait of Daniel McCoy

Daniel McCoy

Staff Sustainability Intern
Portrait of Julia Ethan

Julia Ethan

Green Greeks Intern
Portrait of Miya Johnston

Miya Johnston

Outreach Events Intern
Portrait of Shannon Garrett

Shannon Garrett

Residential Engagement Intern

SustainableUMD Outreach Ambassadors

Portrait of Aboli Dahiwadkar

Aboli Dahiwadkar

Portrait of Alex Choiniere

Alex Choiniere

Portrait of Anushka Tandon

Anushka Tandon

Portrait of Catalina Gibney

Catalina Gibney

Portrait of Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang

Portrait of Kate Poremski

Kate Poremski

Portrait of Lisette Garcia

Lisette Garcia

Portrait of Marissa Edelman

Marissa Edelman

Portrait of Sarah Dodds

Sarah Dodds

Portrait of Theodore "Theo" Davidson

Theodore "Theo" Davidson

Portrait of Vishal Sivasankar

Vishal Sivasankar

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