Green Terp Program

Becoming a Green Terp means committing to make sustainable choices, while learning how & why to take action. 

Learn more about the Green Terp Program!

Join the Green Terp Program:  

1.  Sign-up & Pledge.

Sign-up at Green Terp events on campus, in your community or hall. Take the pledge & commit to making sustainable choices.

2.  Take action. 

Choose at least 10 ways to take action from the checklist (at least one per category).   

3.  Get certified.  

After taking action and adopting sustainable habits, you can certify as a Green Terp to win reusable eco friendly prizes!

Green Terps in action

Ways to become a Green Terp:

  •  Find Green Terp at ResLife community events
  •  Come to Green Terp events in the diners and residence halls.
  •  You'll register and commit, adopt sustainable habits and take action, then get certified to win eco gear.

Find us at events such as FreeFest and Community Welcomes or come to Green Terp events in the diners and residence halls.


Green Terp Calendar:

Help grow the movement and encourage students to go green: become a Green Terp Ambassador! Email us at to sign up for a training and volunteer at Green Terp events.

Green Terp in Residence Hall

Department of Resident Life the Office of Sustainability