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Internships & Opportunities

Office of Sustainability Opportunties: 

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Sustainability Advisors

Teach interactive lessons about sustainability and climate change and how each affects students, their studies, and future career prospects.

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Outreach Team Tabling at the Farmers Market wearing SustainableUMD shirts

SustainableUMD Ambassadors

Bring fun, interactive sustainability activities to events to raise awareness and encourage action. 

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sustainable teaching fellow

Sustainability Teaching Fellows

Participate in a two-day workshop and learning community where faculty from across disciplines explore sustainability and integrate it into their courses.

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Green Office Representatives

Lead offices in achieving Green Office certification by implementing environmental best practices for offices at UMD.

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Paid Internships with SustainableUMD:

The following internships are offered through UMD's Office of Sustainability and students are paid at a rate of $15/hour. Students must be currently enrolled in the University of Maryland and in good academic standing. These internships will span the full academic year from Fall 2022 through Spring 2023, excluding winter and spring breaks.  

Please check in the Spring of 2023 for future internship opportunities with the Office of Sustainability. 

Currently we have interns in the following areas: 

Mentor: Sustainability Coordinator, Resident Life 

This intern would gain valuable experience in community-based sustainability education while also transforming the residential experience of thousands of students who call the UMD campus home. The intern will work closely with the Department of Resident Life Coordinator for Sustainability Programs who focuses on sustainability initiatives for over 12,500 residential students. By working closely with this staff member, the intern would support the engagement of students in sustainability programs and the development of a thriving sustainable community within the residence halls. 


  • Support the engagement of students in the Green Terp program and the development of a thriving sustainable community within the residence halls
  • Support  community leaders in planning and implementing new events, dialogues, and activities within residence halls that encourage community development around sustainability topics
  • Partner with Resident Life Multicultural Advocates and Common Ground Dialogue Leaders to develop awareness events centered around environmental justice
  • Support the design, installation, and maintenance of sustainable behavior prompts such as stickers, instructional signage, and educational posters that encourage behaviors such as waste sorting, water, and energy conservation in the residence halls
  • Coordinate with Resident Life staff to provide annual events and activities with educational and/or informational content that supports campus sustainable development goals 
  • Partner with Residence Hall Association Sustainability Committee and VPs of Sustainability to support, coach, and facilitate students’ action plans to set and achieve goals for residential communities, or clusters of residence halls


Other Position Requirements: 

  • Multiple hours of sustained communications/dialogue
  • Ability to ride and operate a three-wheeled electric bicycle
  • Occasional work on evenings and weekends
  • Ability to lift, move, and transport multiple pounds of outreach materials including storage tubs and signage

Mentor: Resident Director Graduate Assistant, Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life 

This intern would support student Sustainability Chairs from participating Greek Chapters to receive training, support, and guidance that empowers the Chairs to provide educational presentations and facilitate sustainability actions for students in their chapters. The Intern would empower Sustainability Chairs in leading their chapters’ sustainability efforts by facilitating training sessions, engaging the cohort in sustainability workshops, and providing continual coaching and support. Funding this internship will allow more chapters to participate in the program, and allow the two dozen student Sustainability Chairs to hold greater leadership roles in the Green Chapter program than previously offered. This approach also prioritizes peer-to-peer education, which research indicates is more effective for social norming and community building than the traditional approach of bringing in an outside educator. In Fall 2021, 22 chapters participated in the Green Chapter Program reaching 1,638 students. In Spring 2018 4,607 students were members of Fraternities and Sororities, encompassing 17% of the undergraduate population. Providing an intern to focus on training the Chairs has the potential to greatly increase the number of students impacted by the Green Chapter Program. In the past, UMD staff members, without the time to focus on this type of broad student leadership development, have visited each participating Green Chapter to provide presentations and facilitate sustainability activities. This approach limited chapter participation due to staff constraints and meant many chapters were excluded from the program including professional and service chapters. With this new approach, OS aims to take Greek student sustainability engagement to the next level.


  • Encourage and incorporate sustainability and social responsibility into Greek life and culture 
  • Support Green Chapter Sustainability Chairs:
  • Facilitate planning sessions with Chairs to develop action plans for their Chapters’ four required sustainability actions, helping chairs identify goals, partners, and steps to implement sustainability efforts and successfully complete the Green Chapter Certification process
  • Coach Chairs in organizing sustainability-focused service-learning projects for chapters
  • Train Sustainability Chairs in facilitating service reflections amongst peers during service-learning projects
  • Develop Sustainability Chairs' leadership capacities by facilitating guest presenters, speakers, and workshops for Sustainability Chairs 
  • Train Chairs in organizing sustainability outreach efforts, ecological event planning, and delivering sustainability presentations
  • Support chapters in installation and maintenance of rain barrels, adopt-a-garden, chapter compost/recycling collection, and waste sorting signage/awareness
  • Provide signage and awareness around waste sorting and energy and water conservation in greek housing, and during Chapter events and meals

Mentor: Outreach Coordinator, Office of Sustainability 

The Office of Sustainability regularly engages with students looking to get involved, and while student organizations have a variety of methods of communicating to the existing membership, it can be challenging for students new to UMD to learn about and connect to events, meetings, and groups.  In order to create more consistency, foster collaboration, and improve the ease with which new students can explore opportunities to join the campus sustainability movement, we hope to hire an intern to help build a foundation to support a consistently thriving student organization sustainability network. In this role, the intern would act as a facilitator to convene student groups and better connect all students to campus sustainability resources. This internship would provide the groundwork to allow student organizations to more easily collaborate by building and maintaining a directory of organizational leaders, initiatives, campaigns, and events. 


  • Maintain and update Scoop website, student organization leaders directory, and event calendar separate from, but linked from, the SustainableUMD website. This will ensure the intern can relay all types of information (including student-led, rallies and campaigns that the Office of Sustainability is unable to promote)
  • Consolidate a directory of contacts, programs, projects, meetings, and opportunities for students to easily get involved with student-led sustainability efforts
  • Create a newsletter with updates on student org events, projects, campaigns, and opportunities.  This will differ from the Office of Sustainability newsletter which sends broader monthly updates with little focus on student organizations’ events and campaigns
  • Plan, organize, and facilitate monthly meetings with leaders from student organizations, and staff from the Office of Sustainability, to spur collaboration and awareness across student orgs engaging in sustainability
  • Compile and maintain a comprehensive sustainability event calendar, allowing student organizations to see what events are already taking place, plan fewer overlapping events, and encourage new students (through Green Terp pledge/tabling) to easily get involved
  • Organize and implement a planning retreat at the start of each semester to bring together student leaders from a variety of student organizations to support their reflections, planning, and collaboration
  • Collaborate with Office of Sustainability staff to incorporate OS staff updates into shared information to increase transparency around Office of Sustainability and Administration progress
  • Convene and host Scoop meetings to bring together student leaders, Sustainability interns/advisors/ambassadors, etc. and having a Sustainability Staff person at each meeting to share updates from the Sustainability Council and Office of Sustainability and respond to questions. In addition to having student organizations share updates on their ideas/plans. This will allow staff to provide students with background information, links, and contacts for their goals

Mentor: Outreach Coordinator, Office of Sustainability 

The leadership development intern’s role would be to support students' leadership skills and capacity to address sustainability issues on campus and beyond. This intern would be tasked with coordinating with partners to organize professional development opportunities, with guest speakers, and with campus departments such as the Career Center, ENSP, ENST, and Sustainability Minor. Sustainability-related professional development may include career fairs with sustainability opportunities, a web page summarizing local opportunities, and resume/cover letter workshops. This intern would also coordinate guest speakers such as community members and advocates who would receive stipends for their speaking and field trips into Prince George's County and beyond to learn about local environmental disparities and impacts. For instance, the Anacostia Riverkeeper offers boat tours that focus on EJ and the legacy of health disparities in the community. These speakers/trips would be included in training for SustainableUMD positions such as Ambassadors, Advisors, Greek Chapter Sustainability Chairs, etc. as well as events for students outside of the office to attend as well. This intern would also arrange for guest speakers and workshops from campus partners to provide OS Outreach Ambassadors, Advisors, and other Interns with training on facilitating meaningful sustainability dialogues (so they can then host these dialogues themselves), career development, and more. 


  • Organize professional development opportunities in partnership with Career Center, ENSP, ENST, Sustainability Minor, etc. to have a more comprehensive compilation of opportunities open to more students. Examples include:
    • Career fair with sustainability opportunities
    • Webpage summarizing internship opportunities in this area 
    • Resume/Cover letter workshops
  • Coordinate guest Environmental Justice speakers (such as community members and advocates whose time we’d pay for) and field trips into Prince George's County (for instance, the Anacostia River boat tour that focuses on EJ and the legacy of health disparities in the local community) and beyond to learn about local disparities and impacts
    • These Environmental Justice speakers/trips would be a part of the process of training SustainableUMD Ambassadors, Advisors, Greek Chapter Sustainability Chairs, etc.
    • Sessions would be available to student leaders outside of OS to attend as well
  • Convene students, partners, and OS 
    • Host monthly meetings for student and staff updates on campus sustainability 
    • Report on updates from Sustainability Outreach team so each outreach program is aware of one another’s efforts 
    • Deliver presentations and summaries of Sustainability reports, recommendations, and data 
    • Facilitate exchange of ideas, goals, and approaches to advance sustainability 
    • Include SGA Sustainability Committee and student leaders? 
  • Provide OS Outreach Ambassadors, Advisors, and other Interns with training on facilitating meaningful sustainability dialogues (so they can then host these dialogues themselves)

Mentor: Outreach Associate, Office of Sustainability 

The new Sustainability Outreach Mobile that was funded by the Sustainability Fund grant in Spring of 2021 is now being purchased. Our goal is to bring the Mobile Sustainability Outreach Kiosk to educate, engage, and inspire students across campus by the Fall of 2022. Going beyond traditional tabling, this new resource will expand outreach event focus to include demonstrations of sustainability features that anyone can adopt, such as solar power, electric vehicles, and upcycled planters. The Outreach Events intern will oversee and organize bringing the Mobile Sustainability Outreach Kiosk to campus events and coordinate student interns and ambassadors to lead and facilitate sustainability outreach and engagement alongside the Kiosk. The intern will spearhead tracking, coordinating, scheduling, and gaining permission to bring the sustainability outreach mobile to large events as well as central high traffic areas such as McKeldin Mall, Hornbake Plaza, tailgate events, and more. The outreach mobile will also be made available to come to campus events by request through a reservation and calendar system coordinated by the intern. Having a paid intern to support this mission will ensure that the existing sustainability staff has the capacity to continue to expand and enhance an array of sustainability programs and initiatives.  


  • Serve as point of contact for outreach vehicle calendar and events 
  • Develop a schedule of events and coordinate relocating the outreach center to events
  • Coordinate with partners across campus to bring the Sustainability Center to the weekly farmers market, dining halls, community events, service events, and tailgating to raise awareness and support efforts (by bringing solar electricity to outdoor events, supporting the waste collection and sorting efforts
  • Increase transparency and student participation in UMD Sustainability programs, projects, and plans in operations and policy
  • Support and coordinate student volunteers who will help conduct educational awareness and outreach at the mobile center


Other Position Requirements: 

  • Multiple hours of sustained communications/dialogue
  • Ability to ride and operate a three-wheeled electric bicycle
  • Occasional work on evenings and weekends
  • Ability to lift, move, and transport multiple pounds of outreach materials including storage tubs and signage

Mentor: Outreach Coordinator, Office of Sustainability 

UMD’s Green Office Program has already certified hundreds of offices for implementing sustainability practices and trained hundreds of staff to spearhead those changes. The Office of Sustainability wishes to permanently transition the Green Office Intern from an unpaid to a paid position and expand the scope of staff engagement beyond behavior change, to offer support and resources to staff to advance sustainability in decision making and strategic planning for office, departments and units across campus. This intern would train, support, coach, and track staff in achieving certification with the Green Office Program. The intern would also organize guest speakers to conduct staff training through workshops and to support staff capacity for sustainability leadership in their departments’ decision-making. Example training topics include: systems thinking, strategic planning, and life cycle analysis/cost-benefit analysis to achieve higher efficiencies and savings of resources and costs.  Staff remain on campus permanently and play a formative role in students’ experiences on campus in how programs, departments, and operations are conducted. By holding offices to sustainability standards through positive reinforcement through the Green Office Program and supporting staff growth in sustainability skills, it ensures campus staff serve as role models for sustainable practices for all students while improving the campus’s environmental performance. 


  • Train, support, coach, and track staff in achieving certification with the Green Office Program
  • Organize staff training through workshops and guest presenters to support staff capacity for sustainability decision making
  • Training objectives include more long-term and holistic/systems thinking, strategic planning, and life-cycle analysis/cost-benefit analysis to achieve higher efficiency, sustainability and cost savings.

Additional On-Campus Opportunities:

(Campus Departments outside of the Office of Sustainability)

Sustainability Data Fellow

Employment Type: Hybrid

Compensation: $2,650 Monthly Stipend

The Sustainability Data Fellow will be tasked with developing several tools to facilitate data visualization and resource efficiency at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The main project the role will undertake is developing a sustainability progress dashboard for the university to display energy, waste, and procurement data, among other metrics. Other projects will include a tree inventory geodatabase, materials-sharing platform, and energy reports. The fellow will build tools to assist UMB’s Office of Sustainability in meeting the goals laid out in the 2022-2026 Sustainability Strategic Plan.

Click here to learn more and apply


Sustainability Consultant

Employment Type: Full Time, In Person

Compensation: $45,000

Serve as primary facilitator to implement Reduction In Motion's sustainability programs at one or more of our client facilities. The selected candidate will ensure our programs are running smoothly and efficiently, and make sure our clients are satisfied with the level of service they are receiving. The Sustainability Facilitator will spend most of their time at client facilities to accurately monitor the sustainability programs in place, and to be on hand to mitigate any issues that may arise from the client.

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UMD Arboretum & Botanic Garden

Fall 2022, Minimum of 10 hours a week, maximum of 20 hours a week, unpaid but course credit may be available

The entire College Park campus is a convenient and accessible arboretum, a collection of trees and plants maintained for scientific and educational study and public enjoyment. There are many lovely gardens in our 1250 acre campus which require care and maintenance. Internships available include: Horticulture Internship, Dedicated Tree Inventory Internship, Tree Care Steward, and Tree Inventory Internship.

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