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Green Workspace Program

The Green Workspace Program offers staff and faculty an opportunity to engage with sustainability at the community level. When staff teams unite around achievable goals to benefit the greater good, it can help build appreciation, recognition, motivation, and pride in our shared values. The Green Workspace Program is a holistic approach to sustainability that aims to equip staff and faculty with the knowledge, skills, and resources to be sustainable at UMD and beyond. 

Intended to replace the previously offered Green Office Program, the Green Workspace Program encourages more office-wide engagement whilst still ensuring physical spaces are incorporating basic sustainability practices. The updated program emphasizes not only physically sustainable workspaces, but also learning, establishing  community, and celebrating progress amongst staff and faculty.

Make a difference through your office by participating in the Green Workspace program. 


Staff collaborate in a circle

Introducing Green Workspace

Find information about the new program launch and the transition from Green Office. 

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Five staff standing, three holding Green Workspace certificates

Program Details

Find information about the program timeline, program requirements, and FAQs.

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Certified Workspaces

The following workspaces have achieved Green Workspace certification. Certifications last for 3 years.

Cohort 1:
  • Office of Environmental Affairs
  • UMD Libraries
  • College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Arts & Humanities
Cohort 2 (ResLife):
  • Office of Rights & Responsibilities and Research & Assessment
  • Assignments, Communications, and Technology
  • North Campus Office and South Campus Office
  • Engagement and Creative Services Suites
  • Director's Office and Human Resources
  • Off Campus Housing
  • The Clarice Scene Shop
  • Center for Young Children
  • ARHU - Honors Humanities
  • Environmental Finance Center
  • College of Education, Educational Technology Services

Special Award Winners

The Innovation Award and Leadership Award are two special awards for workspaces that go above and beyond the requirements of the Green Workspace program and their job descriptions. Learn more about award winners’ projects and how you can implement novel actions into your workspace.

Innovation Award

  • Sarah Humud, Honors Humanities

Leadership Award

  • Jason Baer, Office of Environmental Affairs
  • Reuven Goren, The Clarice Scene Shop

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